Top Of The Tops #PartyInStyle With Our Luscious Glam Tops!

Despite being possibly the most basic and easy item to wear, Women’s Tops are what I struggle to style the most. Unlike Women’s Dresses where you can shove on a pair of tights and you’re done, with tops you’re only half way there. Equally, I love nothing more than layering big chunky knitted jumpers with pretty blouses – adding statement jewellery pieces and cute accessories to jazz up these beauties.

Cami Tops are my ultimate favourite. Teamed with skinny jeans or decorated with a statement necklace, they’re super simple and effortless to throw on for everyday, and dress up without looking too OTT. Plus, who says you can’t wear more than one at the same time?! With all the different patterns and colours floating around at the moment, nothing beats a bit of mix matching and layering making these beauties uber versatile for not only summer, but our freezing cold winters too, worn with a knitted cardigan.

Pretty shirts are always on my wishlist, oh-so sophisticated. With their lovely lace collars, they may be a tiny bit too formal if you’re nipping out to do a bit of shopping or something- layered with a snuggly, chunky knit jumper there’s no going wrong. Seeing as we have been permanently stuck in winter for the past five years, I think jumpers are the answer to everything. Yep. If in doubt, wear a jumper.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a glitter obsessive – in fact anything with glitter, sequins or beads, there’s a high chance I own it… (actually it’s pretty certain that I own it)!  With Christmas coming up, it’s the perfect excuse to go a bit glitter crazy and buy anything that’s overly decorative- without having to buy any fancy, expensive jewellery too!

I love to wear jazzy tops tucked in to all the leather-look skater skirts about at the moment, my ultimate Christmas party go-to outfit every time!

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Ellie x

17th November 2013
Written by Very_Lauren