Be the Perfect Secret Santa

They’re the words that strike horror into the hearts of office workers everywhere (except here at Very HQ, of course): Secret Santa. That time of year when you have to buy a gift for someone you barely know despite sitting next to them five days a week.

Before you reach for the nearest singing fish or novelty false teeth or pound store “bargains” (these are real Secret Santa gifts we’ve heard of!) here are some great ideas for presents they’ll love that won’t cost the earth. Some of them will make great stocking fillers for friends and family too and, even better, several are on 3 for 2 so you may want to treat yourself as well!

For the Fitness Queen, don’t get her chocolates because you think she deserves a “treat” – this woman lives for exercise! Go for something like these fun pink Ankle/Wrist weights from Pineapple that she’ll actually use.

If you’ve drawn the office Boy Racer who never shuts up about his motor then rather than that car air freshener you’ve been eyeing, why not get him a Petrol Fund Money Box so he can put his spare change to good use. He may even buy you a drink with the proceeds…

Every office has its Matron, that lady who’s been there forever and who loves telling you about her grandkids. Help her spoil them with a great food gift like this Mrs Bridges Strawberry House Gift Set. It’s thoughtful and she may even share some with you!

If you’ve managed to draw the Office Romeo, he’s actually pretty easy to buy for. The Lynx Apollo Gift Set smells gorgeous and will make him a bit more bearable when he won’t leave you alone at the office Christmas party!

For the Luxury Lover, don’t panic! You won’t have to spend a fortune – she’ll just think you have. Opt for something like this Moroccan Slipper Gift Set so she can pamper herself in style and cosy up in the glamorous slippers. Remember, she may get you next year so you want to be in her good books!

The Office Dad can be tricky. But rather than getting him a smelly aftershave that his wife won’t thank you for, go for a nice bottle of Christmas Ale. The set comes with a pint glass and no one can never have too many of them!

Now we’ve given you some ideas you don’t have to fear Secret Santa any longer. Go out and wow your colleagues with your amazing festive taste! Unfortunately we can’t guarantee what they’ll get you…

Love Sarah x

Secret Santa graphics by Sara Yates (@Sarah_Very)

1st December 2013
Written by Very_Lauren