Celebrity Knitwear Style In 2014

I hope we’re all making the most of the Christmas jumper this week because we’re not going to be able to wear it for much longer. The sight of a Christmas snowman or a larger than life Santa Claus on a jumper in January is a fashion crime worse than eating leftover turkey curry or cold brussel sprouts. You just can’t wear a Christmas jumper after December, can you?

Have you thought about how you’re going to keep warm in 2014? If there’s one group of people who we can rely on to wear the trends it’s celebrities (more often than not dressed by super capable stylists) and so I’ve had a look at what knitwear they’ve been sporting. Here are the top three ways the celebs have been keeping warm and stylish recently…

Waterfall Cardigan

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kim Kardashian are big fans of the waterfall cardigan. This never goes out of fashion – it’s a knitwear classic – mainly because you can wear it with anything. We can get the look with a South lightweight waterfall cardigan from Very.

White Jumper

Pop princesses Una Healy from The Saturdays and Ellie Goulding both make a white jumper look cute and cosy. I love the Love Label eyelash yarn jumper from Very as a way of working this trend and brightening up Winter.

Textured Pink Jumper

Kimberly Walsh and Eva Longoria are very much girly girls and that does not have to change despite having to layer up in Winter. Not only are their jumpers a gorgeous shade of pink, but they have an interesting pattern so they’re doubly attention-grabbing. If you liked the attention you got from wearing a Christmas jumper, maybe it’s time to look at something pink for 2014 like the South value cable knit jumper

I know it’s painful to wave goodbye to the Christmas jumper but it helps me to see there are ways we can look even better in 2014. Which one’s your favourite?

Love Zoex

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24th December 2013
Written by Zoe Griffin