Everything you need to know to create the perfect bachelor pad for the man in your life!

Ok, you’ve finally splashed out on that brand spanky new PlayStation 4 and got some great games to go with it, but now you’ve realised the best way of playing it is with an awesome new ‘Entertainment Room’ (really a Man Cave, but Mrs very_marc seems more accepting when I call it that).

This is basically going to be my perfect room, even down to the wallpaper! So, let’s start there. I’m thinking the wall behind the TV needs to be a dark colour, and this Superfresco Easy Elements Calico wallpaper in Charcoal is a particular favourite of mine. Admittedly it’s a little plain, but all my attention will be centred to this lovely new Samsung 46 UE46F6500 Inch Full HD Freeview HD LED 3D Smart TV.

Samsung TV
Samsung UE46F6500

The other walls would have a nice, classy pattern, like this Superfresco Easy Elements Nottingham wallpaper in black/silver (also available in white). We’re going to go with a plain one today, so that I can have some wall art to break the other walls up a bit. I’m still trying to so with the ‘entertainment room’ theme, remember, so nothing too out there. I quite like this Graham & Brown New York City Canvas for the back wall.

Next, we’re going to go for a little furniture; I love this Carolina Left Hand Double Arm Corner Group in charcoal. It would be ridiculously comfy when you just want to kick back with some popcorn and watch a blu-ray or two. I’d even be tempted to get this Swan AC230 Popcorn Maker just for kicks! Add a rug like this Wave Washable Rug and I’m thinking this room is starting to look both classy and cosy.

Carolina Left Hand Double Arm Corner Group

Now, the TV isn’t just going to float in mid-air, and I’m not exactly the go-to guy when it comes to DIY, so I’ll need a TV stand. I really like the look of this Home Collection Eclipse 50 Inch Flatscreen TV Display Unit. The doors mean you can hook up your freeview box, Xbox One, PS4, and anything else you can think of, and it will still look neat and hidden away. The beam-through technology means that you can still use all your remotes for anything you have under the TV too.

I’m getting to the REALLY fun stuff now. I’ve already got the PS4 as mentioned, and will eventually be adding the Xbox One too, I’ve got a freeview box in there too, so everything is looking pretty good, but what about SOUNDING pretty good? If I’m doing this room, I’m going to do it right, so I need a good sound system. Sound Bars are becoming quite popular and I think this Panasonic HTE80 Soundboard will fit right in with the TV, so I’ll be able to hear any aliens trying to flank me when playing Killzone: Shadow Fall, and I wont have to struggle to hear anything when I want to watch the Avengers save the world!

Akai A58002 Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Now obviously it’s not all about the viewing experience, I’ve got a fair bit of music on my phone so this Akai A58002 Bluetooth Tower Speaker in Black (also available in white) is a must. It’s got both an iPod/iPad connection, and an aux in/out connection too, so even if you don’t have Bluetooth you’ll be able to use it!

Now, to me, this room is pretty much perfect, so might become my pet project over the next few months. What do you think? Should I detail my progress as it goes on? Is there anything else you’d add or take away in here? Just let me know with any comments or questions!

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18th December 2013
Written by Very_Marc

Posted by: Latonya Patterson 22 December 2013

Give to my daughter for Christmas

Posted by: Rebecca I 21 December 2013

I would put it in the kitchen, I love listening to the radio whilst having breakfast