Hate Christmas Shopping? Beat the Queues with Very!

You know where I’m coming from. Busy streets, annoying people who bump into you, chaotic shops, long queues, oblivious people (the ones that try and jump the ever-growing queues), expensive car parks, horrible bus journeys laden with bags and finally…carrying all your purchases and staying on your feet allll day!

So, after a couple of attempts to brave Liverpool One I have decided to, like a lot of others, convert to online shopping and where better to do it than Very?

First, the benefits of shopping with us:

  • I can browse prezzies in my pj’s, on the sofa watching my fave Christmas film to get me in the festive spirit…maybe with a cheeky Bailey’s to hand!
  • I can store X amount of goods in my basket and if I miss a special offer, say 3 for 2, then the helpful elves at Very HQ put a reminder up…how cute!
  • I don’t get charged for delivery of my Christmas shopping which, if you think about it it, is like saving heaps of dosh on car parks and transport!
  • Very have a Collect+ system, which means that when I’m at work my parcels won’t be sent to the depot or left with a shifty neighbour (not that I have any, mine are lovely, but just in case you do) I can find my local store when making my purchase by just typing in my postcode and simply nip to the corner shop to pick up my goods on the way home!
  • Any last minute decisions are covered as I can make any purchase before  10pm in the knowledge that I’ll receive my order the Very next day!
  • With this in mind…you can order before 10pm on the 23rd December and STILL receive your prezzies on Christmas Eve – leaving just enough time for wrapping!

Sold? Of course you are! But just in case, here’s a few of my fave gifts and goodies that I might be splashing out on this Christmas (note to self, hide this blog so friends and family don’t see)!

For Mum…

For Mum…she’s been raving about the new Gary Barlow album, she desperately needs a new pair of slippers and loves the ones that look like shoes so I’ve chosen these Sorbet Fair Isle slippers ones and for a little treat, the Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman perfume!

For Dad…


For Dad…OK, well it may not look like much, but my Dad’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve so I have to bear this in mind. Anyway, to go under his Berghaus Waterproof jacket I’ve got him this Berghaus fleece – perfect for when he’s taking the dog out in this weather! Next up is this curry cook book – he’s recently retired and loves cooking, especially anything spicy, and it means I’ll probably benefit too!

 For My Sister…

For my sister…I’ve bought her Karl Pilkington’s ‘The Moaning of Life’ DVD as she has just got back from a year in NZ and so hasn’t seen it – I’ve had to delete it off our Recorded Programmes list just in case she watches any of it! I’ve also bought her this cute bracelet with name engraving option as well as a pair of Bedroom Athletics slipper boots…why not eh?

For My Brother…

For my brother…OK, so he’s a Micky Flanagan fan so this DVD totally makes sense and is not at all selfish (fingers crossed we can watch a bit on Christmas night), he’s also getting a smart Bench polo shirt as well as a silly festive Christmas Jumper in red as he’s a Liverpool supporter!

I hope this has tempted some of you to stay indoors while you tick of all the prezzies on your gift list!

Love Laura x

13th December 2013
Written by Laura_Loves