Mo No More with the Dual Blade Lithium from Babyliss…

It’s December! Hoorah! For some (us included), this means we can officially start the Christmas countdowndecorations can go up and we can start ticking presents off our list. For others, it may mean a sad and sometimes sorrowful time to say goodbye to Mo’s grown and nurtured throughout November.

If longer facial hair is not something you men (or the men in your lives) have to deal with regularly, eliminating the ‘muzzy’ below your nose and getting your short stubble back to its well-groomed, handsome self can be quite daunting.

Best to say goodbye quickly…

BaByliss for Men have got the perfect tool for you! – the NEW Dual Blade Lithium 10-in-1 trimmer is definitely going to be your new toy! It can trim to fine 0.5mm stubble, has 5 comb guides suitable for hair between 4mm and 14mm trims and a super sharp, twin stainless steel blade option so you’ll get a smooth, effortless cut in seconds. Goodbye tash!

But it’s not just a one-off tash remover. The Dual Blade Lithium has a selection of attachments for everyday stubble maintenance (and moustache/beard trimming…if you’ve acquired a liking to your new facial friend!) and you can even get rid of the stray nose hair with one simple manoeuvre (we won’t tell!).

It’s so simple to use! We’re very impressed with the lithium-ion battery also as it kept a good, long charge and even when it was close to needing recharging, its performance power was not lost.

Ready for grooming heaven or to gift this to a loved one? Then get your Dual Blade 10-in-1 trimmer from Very today!

Learn more about its great features by clicking here.

Love The Very Beauty Team x

6th December 2013
Written by Very_Beauty_Team