Top 5 Nails Inc Christmas Gifts!

Nails Inc is one of my favourite nail polish brands, I have been using their polishes for years. They have gorgeous plain polishes as well as a vast range of effect polishes and sets. My favourite shade from Nails Inc is Porchester Square which is one of their hero shades. Here are my picks from the gorgeous Nails Inc collection at Very.

1. Bling it on denim and studs set (£19): Nails Inc are renowned for their high quality fail safe polishes but also for the unique nail art and nail effect sets. This set contains a denim effect polish and cute studded silver and gold stars, very all American girl! I think this would be a great set for those who have everything or nail art lovers!

2. Monogram Nail set (£20): I personally think this set is great value, you get two polishes, a top coat and the letter/symbols to top the nails with. Monogram/text nails are very popular right now as they have been seen on numerous celebrities such as Miley Cyrus (this Nails Inc kit was the one used on her apparently!).

3. Bling it on leather and studs (£15, sale): Another great little nail art gift set from Nails Inc, this set contains a tan nail polish that has a leather effect. There are also cute skull and crossbones to top an accent nail. Again great for nail art, Nails Inc and beauty lovers – a very unique gift.

4. Poster Paint Bright Trio (£12, sale – RRP £32): Such a great value set of nail polishes and what is better than a Nails Inc gift…a gift that alleviates the dull, cold wintery days and replaces them with bright polishes! I think this set is so cute, great value for money and a very welcome gift at this time of the year.

5. Galaxy Polish, shade Trafalger Square (£12): This is the final gift and it is my favourite. This polish is part of the Galaxy range in which the polish contains fine iridescent pearl and crushed foil effect particles to give a gorgeous festive sparkle to any outfit! Love it!

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21st December 2013
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Ekaterina 12 April 2014

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