30 Days Of Fitness!

Here at Very HQ we love to try new things when it comes to fashion, activities and life in general! So when we heard about the 30 day challenge – do something new, everyday for 30 days – it got us thinking, maybe we could adopt this idea? According to the theory doing something for 30 days straight is a way of setting an achievable goal as there’s a clear end in sight. It means you won’t get bored and give up, plus it makes each day count and you’ll get more from your free time. Supposedly anyway!

Roanna and myself decided to do a fitness one where we do some kind of exercises every single day for 30 days. Whether it be walking, running, spinning or yoga, we had to stick at it. And the amazing thing is we’ve done it! So for those who are seeking a New Year’s resolution idea – and more importantly, an achievable one – here’s how our month of fitness went.

Week one

Surprise surprise, I went in too hard by running to a spin class and then spending an hour pushing my little legs as fast as they would go. Cue horrendously unhappy muscles the next day.  It was only the start of the challenge though, so I was still full of beans and managed to tackle each day’s exercise with enthusiasm, from an hour of yoga to some home exercise workouts.

Roanna loved every day of her first week – especially as she discovered she can actually run quite far! Always good to know. The downside for her purse strings was that it meant a lot more time shopping online for snazzy running gear

Week two

The second week was a horrendously busy one, which meant lots of early mornings doing sit ups in my pyjamas. Trying to squeeze in exercise here and there was hard as I’m more of an ‘intense workout a few times a week’ kind of girl. Even though it did prove there’s always time to do something, by the end of the week I was starting to regret signing up!

Roanna however was really getting into her stride, increasing her exercise and generally loving it. She did a lot more home workouts though – her legs didn’t love all the running and it’s important to mix it up. I decided to take a leaf out of her book and stop being so negative!

Week three

I spent the start of the week hating exercise, but then I realised I hadn’t done much outdoor running – without a doubt my favourite way to workout. With this in mind I ended the week with a 5 mile run and felt amazing. Clearly the key to exercise is finding something you love, so then you won’t mind working up a sweat.

Roanna had a jam packed week combined with a winter cold but she pushed on through and did plenty of crazy early morning workouts (5 am starts – seriously!) She also noticed that she was eating way more because of all the exercise, so she armed herself with healthy foods to keep her away from the vending machine. Smart move!

Week four

Another stupidly busy one but I soldiered on and completed all 30 days – even on the day when I was all tucked up in bed before realising I hadn’t done any exercise that day. Cue me doing miserable push ups in my PJs – not my finest moment.

Roanna was even busier in the final week and started to feel a tad sorry for herself – stupid cold! However she refused to give in and also realised that no matter what, there is always time for exercise, even if it is just a quick set of squats.

So that’s it! Our 30 days of fitness is complete, but did we learn anything? Well it has definitely shown us that there is always time to do something no matter how busy you are, but that finding something you love will definitely make fitness more of a pleasure and much less of a chore.

It also proved the 30 day theory as we didn’t give up and felt a lot better for completing our challenge – I strongly recommend setting one as a resolution! It can be anything from taking a picture everyday to writing 100 words each evening. Let us know your plans below!

Good luck! Love Aimee x

30 Day Challenge graphics by Sara Yates (@Sarah_Very)

9th January 2014
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Shelley Quantrill 10 January 2014

Love the blog ! Very inspiring !