A Guide to Eating Healthy

Healthy eating is always high up on every one’s January to do list (usually to atone for the amount of not so healthy food consumed over the festive season!) However all that vegetable prep and weeks of eating lettuce starts to get pretty boring… and those biscuits in the back of the cupboard start to call your name…

Don’t give in! All you need are the right tools to help you stick to it, stay healthy and feel great. Here are some of the best healthy food appliances out there, along with a few tasty recipes to get you started.

Get Juicy

Using a juicer is a quick and easy way to get your five a day and this Hotpoint Slow Juicer is specially designed to get 30% more juice from your fruit and veg – which means a delicious taste with maximum nutritional benefits.  You can also use fruit and veg that’s looking a little bruised, so no more wasting that sad browning banana!

Soups Up

Making your own soup is a great way to stick to you healthy eating without compromising on taste. It’s perfect for this horrible cold weather too! This Come Dine With Me Soup Maker is ideal, with the option to make chunky or smooth soup, along with a built-in heater for a piping hot lunch.

Hit The Steamer

Steaming vegetables is much healthier than frying them as it helps retain all of the good stuff like nutrients and vitamins. Unlike boiling they still taste delicious too! You’re not limited to veg either, you can cook rice and fish in your steamer as well and have a full evening meal that’s healthy and hassle free. This Russell Hobbs Steamer is ideal for evening meals as it has a timer function and three separate tiers, so you can set it away and then leave it, returning half an hour later to a delicious meal. All you have to do is serve up and enjoy.

Get Your Grill On

Using a grill is another great way to cook, rather than sticking your meat in the frying pan. Appliances like this Tefal Optigrill make it quick and simple too, whether you’re dishing up steak and veg or chicken with a side of steamed potatoes and rice. You can also cook from frozen, with simple programmes to make it even easier. Just place your food on the grill, set it away and then sit down to a tasty meal without the guilt.

Now you’re armed with everything you need for quick, healthy and delicious meals there’s no excuse to reach for that takeaway menu!

Love Aimee x

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Eating Healthy graphics by Sara Yates (@Sarah_Very)

24th January 2014
Written by Very_Lauren