A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Fitness

You started the new year full of determination, you joined the gym, maybe you even went for a run… but like many people you’ve started to lose that new year buzz, right? You’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you can give up! There are plenty of ways to stay fit without spending hours at the gym everyday, so here’s my Lazy Girl’s Guide To Fitness!

Step one: Learn to multi-task

Seriously, think about how much time you spend standing around when you could be doing some exercise – after all, every little counts! Squat while you brush your teeth, run up and down the stairs while the kettle boils, lunge around while vacuuming and do some planks during the ad breaks. Yes your other half/housemates/everyone you know will think you’re odd, but squeezing in exercise this way makes it much less of a chore and leaves you free to have a social life instead of spending hours in the gym.

Step two: Do fewer, more effective exercises 

Certain exercises are designed to work out your whole body. Yes they hurt like hell but they get fast results, so you can spend more time chilling on the sofa. Some great ones are:

Planks. These are a lot more effective than doing hundreds of sit-ups, so you can tone up in double quick time. Start on your elbows and knees, straighten your legs and raise your body so that you’re supported by the balls of your feet, with feet hip-distance apart – then hold! Keep a straight line and don’t be tempted to stick your bum in the air or arch your back. Do 30 seconds, then a rest, 45 seconds, rest, and then a full minute once a day to strengthen your core muscles, along with your arms and legs.

Burpees.The demon of the exercise world but do 20 of these each morning and you’ll soon start to feel the difference. Drop down into a squat with your hands on the floor, then kick your feet back so you end up in a plank position, but with your arms extended. Jump back into the squat and then jump up, reaching your arms above your head. Along with giving your muscles a good workout they are great for improving overall fitness.

Spider push ups. Another complete killer but they get results. As you lower yourself into a push up bring your knee out to the side and up to meet your elbow. As as you rise up, move your leg back to your starting position. This is great for toning arms and abs while also burning calories. Try to do five on each side once a day.

Step three: Strap on some weights 

These are a great way to add some resistance to any exercise you do. Even if you’re just mooching around the house, they’ll make walking up and down the stairs into some added weight training. You can use them on your legs or arms too and tone up all over. You can even lie on your bed doing bicep curls – there’s no proof standing up makes them any more effective!

Step four: Remember the basics

Taking the stairs when it’s less than 3 floors is a classic but it works (I’ll admit that I never do this, I’m all about the lift, so I should really start tackling the stairs in future!) Another well known one is getting off a stop early when you get the bus home – unless it’s raining of course. Then you’re excused! Also make a promise to yourself that you’ll leave the car at home if your destination is less than a five minute walk.

So now you are armed with these simple tips you can get fitter and still have plenty of time to catch up on the soaps, check in with friends and lounge on the sofa! Love Aimee x

P.s I also write about fitness and my life in Liverpool over at my Honorary Scouse blog if you want to have a spy!

Lazy Girl graphics by Sara Yates (@Sarah_Very)

16th January 2014
Written by Very_Lauren

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