Okay, so you’re probably going, “is this like a throwback blog post or what?” but seriously, tartan is staying rad, pleats are maj for SS14 and ‘90s fashion is still way cute! It’s time to get clued-up on Clueless because taking a style lead from Cher, Dee and Tai will have you looking anything but ensembly challenged.

Packed with cool fashion and one-liners, the 1995 flick that left every girl totally buggin’ for a computerised wardrobe is our latest slice of style-spiration. So check it, whether you’re Rollin’ with the Homies or trying to bag yourself a Baldwin there’s a few key essentials that won’t leave you looking like a full-on Monet…


Even though Miss Horowitz would totally approve of street style faves acid wash denim and wrap-around plaid, the trick to rocking tartan à la Cher is to avoid grunge and get girly with your checks instead. The best bit? It’ll see you through the seasons if you switch-up fluffy sweater pairings with sweet logo tees – classic!

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Do the Bright Thing

As much as we love Cher’s iconic check-on-check look, clashing yellow plaid just isn’t something you could wear everyday (sob!). Instead go for bold shots of colour like citrine and red (just like when she opens the door to ‘ring a ding kid’ Christian) and keep it casual in the day with layered knits and collared shirts.

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The Little White Dress

Get ready to the utter the words “A watch doesn’t really go with this outfit, Daddy!” because black’s taking a back seat and crisp white beauties take focus for the upcoming season. Remember, don’t rely on mirrors – take some polaroid snaps!

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Preppy Details

Did you think knee socks and mini backpacks weren’t gonna make the list? As if! Black beret and pink fluffy pen optional.

Whatever! I’m outie.

Love Francine x

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Clueless graphic design by Sasha L King.


11th January 2014
Written by Very_Lauren