Interview: Heidi Range Celebrates New Role In Happy Days

Sugababe Heidi Range is making the most from a gap in the girl band’s schedule to make her debut in a musical…and she’s looking fantastic! The singer, who started in the Babes when she was just 16, plays Pinky  in Happy Days: A New Musical, which is currently touring the UK before hopefully transferring to the West End of London. They’ve got dates in Bromley, Brighton, Hull and Glasgow among other cities, so they really are going the length and breadth of the UK. And the constant touring, dancing and singing means Heidi has really shaped up. Check out her legs in these shorts:


The musical opened in Kent first of all and I got a few questions with Heidi about her role and the new character.

QS: Tell us about the musical?

Heidi: I play Pinky, The Fonz’s girlfriend. She’s pretty feisty and a bit argumentative!

QS: How did it feel being on the stage in a musical rather than just singing?

Heidi: I’ve been on the stage since I was three so although I haven’t done it for a long while it hasn’t been a complete shock. I watched Happy Days on TV when I was younger so I’m so happy to be part of it.

QS: In the show you have to wear white hot pants, how did you prepare for that?

Heidi: ‘I do go to the gym and stuff for those hotpants, but I had up the sessions before the show opens. But when you’re rehearsing and dancing every day, it gets you fit.’

QS: When you’re off stage, what do you like to wear?

Heidi: My own style is very different to what I wear on stage, that’s when I really glam it up and wear things I would never wear in the street. I’m very girly. You will often see me in flowery maxi dresses, and I always wear earrings!

QS: Do you have anyone special supporting you – a boyfriend?

Heidi: I have got a lovely boyfriend and we have been together for a year now. He’s so nice. He’s not in the industry and we get on really well.

Heidi’s fellow castmates include ex Emmerdale star Ben Freeman, who plays The Fonz and TV presenter Cheryl Baker, playing motherly figure Mrs Cunningham. Off-stage, Heidi and Cheryl have become firm friends as you can see from this photo of them at the cast party. Girl power! (Heidi is wearing a black jumpsuit and it looks fantastic).


If you get a chance to see Happy Days at a theatre near you then I highly recommend it.

Love Zoex

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19th January 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin