Kate Moss’s Rock And Roll Circus Night

If you want to hang out with Kate Moss you need stamina! The model went out again in London – just a week after her epic 40th birthday celebrations – to watch one if her best friends Sadie Frost perform in a circus troupe. Sadie, the actress ex wife of Jude Law, used to live near Kate in North London and is often seen with Kate in London bars…not flying through the air on bars on a trapeze. This is why she managed to persuade a lot of her mates to watch the first night at Camden’s Roundhouse theatre. Model Daisy Lowe (above right) added some rock chic to the occasion as well, and there was Babyshambles rocker Carl Barat and filmmaker Terry Gilliam.

Thankfully Kate (above left) remained firmly on the ground. I don’t think her ankle boots would have been appropriate for acrobatic moves. Plus she would have got rather hot in her snug faux fur coat. Looking leggy in a mini skirt, Daisy Lowe looked fit enough to perform. Maybe she’ll get inspired and take a leaf out of Sadie’s book. It’s certainly done Sadie a world of good – she’s glowing!

The circus show is called Fuerzabruta, which is on at The Roundhouse in London until March and it’s a must-see! Critics are raving about the mind-blowing visual effects, which offers the audience an intense visual experience, where a man can be seen exploding full throttle through a series of moving walls, as well as a watery world is suspended just inches above the audience’s heads. At one point, Sadie ‘swims’ underwater while suspended above the stage. It’s pretty mesmerising and it must be intense for Sadie to be part of. Whether she will look as radiant in a month’s time is anyone’s guess…

If you like the Cirque Du Soleil this is similar but more urban and with more graphics in the background and special effects. It seems whatever Moss and her posse do, they do it well! I can’t wait to see what they do next and when I know, I’ll share it with you.

Love Zoex

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24th January 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin