The Consumer Electronics Show

Every year the top tech companies all head to Las Vegas for the international CES event to showcase their latest designs, wow the audiences and give us a taste of what is going to change our world in the not so distant future! Very went along to get a first look at the latest technologies, so here’s our round-up of what to look out for.

Technology will become an even bigger part of our lives

Toshiba managed to revolutionise the bathroom mirror with their newest magic mirror technology. It gives you access to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media, as well as biometric data and calendar updates, all while you’re brushing your teeth! They also unveiled a kitchen version that gives you the same social aspect, along with recipes and how-to videos so you can cook up a storm. Sony were also considering how to make technology even more versatile with their amazing waterproof mobile and tablet technology – it’s sure to be hugely popular!

Get set for even bigger TVs 

Panoramic screens are set to take viewing to a whole new level! Samsung showcased a 105 inch LED 4 x HD television with a curved shape. It really brings your shows to life thanks to the extra wide, panoramic view and the curved design that makes you feel like you’re part of the action. However the Vizio Reference series takes the crown as it offers a 120 inch TV – officially the largest consumer television in the world. Pretty impressive! Clarity has taken a big leap too, offering up to 8 x HD (or UltraHD) quality for a truly stunning experience. Sony also showcased their stylish wedge shaped TV which offers a huge improvement in sound quality.

Technology will meet with fashion in a big way

This category is really starting to take off, with big things expected in the next few years. The tech ranges from Google Glass, a simple band across your forehead with a tiny screen that lets you scroll using eye movements, through to the Sensoria Fitness Socks that measure your vitals through your feet. No seriously! Another was body monitoring ear buds that check calories, pulse and pace as you listen to your music and feeds it all back to your smartphone. They’re aimed at runners and niche things such as this are sure to start popping up as the technology is explored. Fitness trackers and flexible wristbands are already huge, but expect them to become a lot more stylish and even more accurate as the technology improves.

And the more out there ideas…

From a giant wireless QWERTY keyboard that you grip like a steering wheel to  the electric toothbrush that sends data back to your smartphone, there were some technology that might not be destined to become a must have accessory just yet!

Love Aimee x

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20th January 2014
Written by Very_Lauren