#BringTheColour in to your home!

Imagine the scene: It’s dull and grey out and you get home from work more than a little bit cold. You head into your plain kitchen to make your dinner and wait for the microwave to go “ping” before eating some beige pasta out of a black tray. Sound familiar?

At Very HQ, we know we can’t do anything about the weather (we’re working on it!) but we can help you bring the colour to your kitchen so you can liven up meal times, so take a peek at my 6 top suggestions!

1. Pans are key. Whether cooking a cheeky fry up or a tasty spag bol, we can’t do without them. But forget boring black or stuffy stainless steel, check out this amazing yellow 5-piece pan set from Morphy Richards! It comes in loads of other fab colours too!

2. A good set of kitchen knives is essential for chopping veg or adding vivid green herbs to your dinner. This colourful Sabichi knife block will do all that and look amazing on your worktop.

3. If you like your food quick and easy, a wok is a must. Tasty stir fries take minutes to cook and they’re healthy and colourful too. This 11.5 inch wok from Typhoon comes with a free mini-wok and it’s available in 3 gorgeous jewel colours.

4. Speaking of healthy food, griddles cook meat and fish beautifully while letting any fat drain off. This cast iron griddle by Denby comes in a choice of 4 colours and features a pouring spout to drain off any fat – perfect!

5. If you enjoy your casseroles with loads of bright veg and a rich sauce then you need a good casserole dish. Le Creuset are the kings of this and their stoneware casserole dish is a stunningly gorgeous way to cook. Love that volcanic orange!

6. Perhaps you’re braver than I am and you want to tackle that holy grail of cooking: the Sunday roast. If that’s the case, don’t even begin without this roaster from Prestige. It’s ideal and it’s teal – no bland colours in sight!

So decide what type of cook you are, and add some colour (and practicality!) to your kitchen!

Love Sarah x

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Colourful Kitchen, Colourful Cooking banner by Sara Yates (@Sara_Very).

24th February 2014
Written by Very_Lauren