#BringTheColour with our latest tech gadgets!

Spring has sprung and we FINALLY have more than 12 hours daylight again! What do we do here at Very HQ? Brighten up our lives with a splash of colour of course! Now, being the resident geek, one of the first things I think about is new gadgets!

Whether you’re a fan of the bright, breezy colours, or you prefer the darker tones, we’ve got it covered.

So let’s start with Lenovo, they have a great range of convertible, touch screen laptops, so you not only get all the power of a laptop, but you also get the functionality and ease of use of a tablet all in one. We’ve got it in a range of colours, like the Lenovo Flex 14 in Yellow, which has a 500gb* Hard Drive…so there’s PLENTY of space for all your photos, music and phone backups. There’s also a 14″ screen so you can surf, shop and read all the latest goss without having to squint!

*Just for a reference point, 1GB will save up to 150 songs and 1000 pictures, depending on the quality. So our 500gb laptops and tablets will hold up to 75,000 songs and 500,000 images, less depending on the kind of programs and applications you also have installed.

Flex 14 Yellow Convertible Laptop - Yellow

If you’re thinking pink than Asus have what you’re after – first off we have the Asus X102 10.1″, 500gb touch-screen laptop. This one is only pink on the back, so if you need no distractions when you’re working then this one is perfect! If you’re looking for pink all over however, we have the Asus X502 15.6″, 500gb model that might tickle your fancy. This one isn’t touch-screen like the other model, but we’re sure the bigger screen and being nice and bright all over will make up for that!

Like we said, it’s not all about the bright colours. If you want to move away from the standard black or silver laptops we have some great red models. The Lenovo Flex 14 pictured above is available in red, again with a 14″ screen and 500gb Hard Drive. If you prefer your laptop to be just a laptop and not a tablet too, we’ve got this Acer E1-570 15.6″ model that might catch your eye. This one has a huge 1TB Hard Drive though, so will store double the amount any of our 500gb models hold. As with all the models mentioned up to now, this model is Wi-Fi so has all the connectivity you’ll need (no unsightly internet cables being dragged through the house!).


Acer E1-570 Intel Core 15.6 inch Laptop - Red

Some people may prefer their laptops to be laptops, and their tablets to be tablets, so the Lenovo Flex range may not cover your needs. Luckily, we’ve got a great range of tablets too, so don’t worry, we’ll guide you through a few of our choices! Lenovo seem to be as excited about spring as we are, so have a couple of the IdeaTab A1000L with a 7″ screen and an 8gb Hard Drive. This tablet come in black, but it has several options, with a free blue, pink, black or white case.

If the cases with that tablet don’t do it for you, we have a great range of cases here, and we’ll be shouting about a few of our favourites next time round. In the meantime, if you still want to brighten up your tablet, we have this Asus MeMO Pad with a 10″ screen and a 16gb Hard Drive in Pink. With the 16gb Hard Drive you’ll have plenty of space for any apps and music you need on the go, along with any pictures you might be taking.

Asus MeMO Pad HD 10 inch Tablet - Cherry Pink


So we’ve managed to #BringTheColour with our laptops and tablets. Next time around we’ll be talking about our range of accessories, from laptop bags, to tablet cases and even USB sticks! We’ve got colours for almost everything! Until next time people!

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Tech Gadgets graphic by Sara Yates (@Sara_Very)

28th February 2014
Written by Very_Marc

Posted by: #BringTheColour With Our Latest Tech Gadgets! | Technology Insider 28 February 2014

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