Downton Abbey Actress Jess Brown-Findlay Is Hollywood’s New Star

When Jessica Brown Findlay made the decision to leave Downton Abbey her character Lady Sybil was killed off in childbirth. But the actress is having the last laugh as she’s not stopped working since! Even better for her is that she gets to snog Colin Farrell in her latest film A New York Winter’s Tale. The film had it’s premiere in the Odeon Kensington rather than in Leicester Square and there was a love heart theme to mark the fact the premiere took place the day before Valentine’s Day. This is no mistake as I can tell you it’s one of the most sentimental films I’ve ever seen.

A New York Winter’s Tale follows Farrell as a thief, Peter Lake, who ends up falling in love with dying Beverly Penn (Brown Findlay) whose home he burgles. But when he is saved from a violent gang, Peter realises he has the gift of reincarnation and sets out to save the woman he loves in a romantic tale that spans generations up to the present day. At the premiere, both praised the way the other acted on set but assured us there was no hint of real-life romance. What a shame – they make an adorable couple!

I caught up with Jess, who was looking stunning in a white dress, to ask her what’s next. It turns out it’s just getting better as her next job is in remake of Frankenstein alongside Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy. Leaving Downton was brave but it totally paid off for her.

Also looking gorgeous was former The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs. Leaving TOWIE has made Amy refine her dress sense and now she looks really classy in smart black trousers and a smart blazer. She’s just got back from The Jump and told me she feels grateful to be alive. She won’t be doing anything like that again, she told me, she will be thinking harder before she signs up to another project. Bless!

A New York Winter’s Tale is in UK cinemas on 21 February. Whether you’re single or you’re in a relationship, it’s a lovely film to inspire you to believe there’s a person out there for you! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

Love Zoex

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14th February 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Alamsyah 16 May 2014

Kent & Anna K,Prayers were answered I’m so thlerlid with your miracle! Luke is absolutely beautiful and the photos are precious!!!!!Who says there’s no happy-ever-after ?Thank you for including me.My love and best wishes,Suzanne