How Duchess Of Cambridge Dazzled At National Portrait Gallery Party

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is back to work after the birth of her baby Prince George! Flying solo as her husband William is in Africa, Kate looked gorgeous in a long blue maxi dress at the National Portrait Gallery. Kate read History of Art at university, which is why she decided to be a patron of the gallery and helps it to raise funds to keep it’s reputation as one of the world’s leading artistic institutions. And yes, obviously now there is a portrait of Kate hanging in it too. It really looks like her with her trademark glossy brunette hair.

At the party, Kate made a short speech about how proud she was of the gallery’s collection and then said there was more to it’s work that simply housing art. She said: “It is more than simply a world renowned visitor’s attraction – the Gallery’s outreach and research programmes makes it one of the leading centres for the important study into Portraiture. I simply could not be more proud to be its Patron.”

While she was talking you couldn’t fail to spot her dazzling necklace, which her v-neck maxi dress enhanced. I later learned this was a wedding gift to the Queen in 1948 by Indian King Nizam of Hyderabad. It just goes to show how Kate is well into the royal family now, making it hard to think that just 3 years ago she was just waiting for a proposal. She’s done so well!

And talking of doing well, just look at how lovely Liz Hurley looked:

I adored the fur and so I had a look for one at Very. Check out the Ilana fur collar. It’s perfect for this chilly weather! Liz was laughing about rumours she’d had an affair with President Clinton, calling it ‘ludicrous’. She does have a habit of picking dangerous men like Hugh Grant, but assured everyone there was no truth in the Clinton allegations. Boring!

Other guests at the launch were more of an arty crowd including artist Jonathan Yeo and potter Grayson Perry. Kate did a professional job of mingling with everyone. I think she’s a fantastic asset to the royal family, don’t you? I can’t wait to see what she does (and wears) next!

Love Zoex

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12th February 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin