Introducing Spring Summer 14 Trend: Tribal Fusion

If you’re anything like us at Very HQ, now we’ve hit February and the days are getting a bit longer, your mind is naturally turning towards spring, summer, BBQs and the like. It may seem a bit premature (OK, it’s a lot premature!) but while there is a limit on when you can start rocking your summer wardrobe, it’s never too early to start dressing your home for warmer weather!

This is where Tribal Fusion – one of the Spring Summer 14 home trends from Very – comes in. Inspired by exotic dwellings, African art and batik textiles, the trend sees bold colours and patterns collide alongside retro styling.

The emphasis is on hot spicy colours in your everyday living and dining essentials, alongside beautiful hammered metallics as accents. Think midsummer outdoor dinner parties with Moroccan food and lots of chilled wine and you’re there.

The Kito tableware range is a fantastic way to get the look instantly (and it’s buy one get one half price if you need a lot of plates!) and teamed with Swan’s conical wine glasses as well as the piano key cutlery set – both available in on-trend colours – it’ll give you all you need for that heady summer BBQ.

If the British summer strikes, though, and you’re forced indoors, your table can look just as fab by adding some metallic tealight holders. And while you’re at it, create some mood lighting with the stunningly beautiful Yasmine lighting range, which oozes Moroccan influences and will give your room a beautiful lustre.

Tribal Fusion living rooms take inspiration from exotic bazaars with a mix of colour and texture that creates a warm, tropical feel. Sofas almost overwhelmed with colourful cushions and throws offer comfort as well as on-trend style and your friends won’t want to leave (not that you’d want them to anyway!). Arrow weave features massively too and contrasts with the hammered metals and soft textures. These vases are a great way to get the look without going all wicker man!

The great thing about Tribal Fusion is there’s no right or wrong way to do it. The shades all complement each other so you can’t accidentally clash them and the textures all look stunning together so, safe in that knowledge, get some ideas over at our dedicated Tribal Fusion hub and let your imagination run free!

Now let’s just hope the weather improves…

Love Sarah x

PS. I blog about my favourite books over at Sarah’s Adventures in Literature Land if you fancy it!

Tribal Fusion graphics by Sara Yates (@Sarah_Very). Photography by Sean Phelan. Styling by Tracey Edmonson. Creative Direction by Una Roberts.

10th February 2014
Written by Very_Lauren

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Photography by Sean Phelan Lightbox 4 Shop Direct
Styling by Tracey Edmondson Freelance