MKS And Made In Chelsea Gossip From The Shard Anniversary

It was the brightest first birthday party in town! London tourist landmark The Shard has now been open for a year and has contributed £1 million in ticket sales to the UK economy and so there was a real reason to celebrate. So what did they do? They teamed up with another act that had only been going for a year in their current incarnation MKS (above left) and there was a live gig at the top of the tower. It was fabulous!

MKS are the original Sugababes – Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy – but they’re not only re-named they have changed their sound. At the party they performed some of their original tracks like Push The Button and Sound Of The Underground but they also did slower, more quirky sounds including one called Flatline and one called No Regrets, which explains itself. The girls were only teenagers when they became famous but now they are women with Keisha and Mutya wearing classy black dresses and Siobhan rocking a black trouser suit.

There was also a bit of sparkle at the event thanks to Daybreak and This Morning presenter Jenni Falconer. I loved her sequin top and all her followers on Instagram did as well. I noticed she had a lot of positive comments! Jenni revealed to me she was on a health kick as she is trying to get in shape for The London Marathon in April. It’s doing her good as her skin looked enviably radiant as well!

And finally Ashley James from Made In Chelsea (shown in her multi-coloured bodycon dress in the photo at the top right of this blog post)  exclusively revealed to me she was auditioning as a TV presenter for a new show. As well as Made In Chelsea, she is a presenter for The Clothes Show TV but this new project sounds very exciting! I look forward to seeing more of her in 2014. She normally has on something bright and beautiful on – I do like her personal style.

Have you been to The Shard yet? There’s also a cocktail bar at the top so I suggest putting on a black dress (like The Sugababes) and checking it out if you have a night in London. It’s a classy way to start the night and the photo opportunities are amazing – you’ll make all of your friends jealous with the pics!

Love Zoex

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9th February 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Elliot 12 April 2014

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