Neon Jungle And Girl Band Stars Light Up BAFTA Pre-Party

The BAFTA awards is fast approaching and this year there was a pre-party. There are always about four different after-parties so In Style magazine hosted a big glitzy bash before the event to ensure that everyone attended. After all, when there are several things in one night you can’t guarantee you will get any famous faces at yours so this was a sensible move.

The party was not just about actors and actresses as there were girl bands from all the ages with old school Girls Aloud members, the newest breed The Saturdays and the newest still Neon Jungle (above). When it came to outfits, everyone truly made an effort and there was a lot of attitude. The theme of the night seemed to be either a trouser suit or monochrome, which meant red-head actress Olivia Grant really stood out. Here are a few of the highlights of the night.

Neon Jungle

Neon Jungle (above) seemed to burst out of nowhere in 2013. Their debut single Trouble got to number 12 in the UK singles chart and they were chosen to play at Victoria’s Secret Christmas fashion show in December, helping them get global recognition. Model Cara Delevigne is a fan and just like Cara the Neon Jungle girls wear what they want and say what they want. We don’t often see them in party dresses so this was a bit of a change. Normally they’re super rock chick but they can clearly turn their hand to anything. Watch out for them in 2014.

Sarah Harding

Is it just me or does 32 year old Sarah Harding look younger than when she was in Girls Aloud? It’s partly because she’s now completely teetotal but I think the red lipstick and sharp bob helps. She’s unrecognisable!

The Saturdays’ Vanessa and Mollie

The two non-mums of The Saturdays brought out their girly side in monochrome dresses and looked gorgeous. They’re all about to tour later this year showing that there’s life in the band yet. They’ve been going more than five years,which is pretty impressive.

Anna Friel

Obviously the party was more about actors and actresses than pop stars so it was good to see Anna Friel. The actress, who is dating Rhys Ifans, has spent a lot of time in the US recently but she’s back and she’s power dressing. I wouldn’t mess with her in those trousers!

Olivia Grant

What a dress and what a way to stand out! The British actress, who is known for her roles in Stardust and Mr Nice, worked the berry look. I think a lot of people were jealous!

Who do you think looked the best? I cannot wait for the actual BAFTAs, which falls on 16 February.

Love Zoex

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5th February 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin