Best Gossip From Red Hot Empire Film Awards

Empire magazine is the go-to magazine for film fans and so you wouldn’t expect their awards ceremony to have an average turn-out would you? In fact, the turn-out was red hot. Firstly with the female celebrities’ outfits and secondly with the A’list names that flew over from the States for the occasion.

Here are the Top 5 pieces of goss from the glamorous do in London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.

(1)    Sarah Harding

The former Girls Aloud singer is weeks away from launching her first solo album since Girls Aloud split. She’s already done one solo gig at a charity party at Kensington Palace and talked about her new plans on ITV show Lorraine. The music, which she’s written in conjunction with her DJ boyfriend Mark Foster, is going to be a bit more mature than the Girl Aloud songs. Sarah, lovely in a long red dress, said: ‘I love pop, but with an edge so that’s what I’d say my music is. And quite controversial. My songs are very confessional and honest. You have to be able to relate to what you’re singing otherwise you’re just a mannequin.’

(2)    Kate Beckinsale

The 40 year old star became famous in Underworld horror movies but she looked angelic at the awards in a floor length dark red dress. I loved the cut outs at the side, giving her that classic hourglass physique. The goss about Kate is that she’s becoming a mentor to British model Cara Delevigne. The two ladies are about to star together in a film called The Face of An Angel and Kate’s been giving Cara acting advice.

(3)    Tom Cruise

Fans of the 80s movie Top Gun will be excited to hear that Mr Cruise, who posed next to a giant front cover of Empire (he’s not THAT short) hinted there may well be a Top Gun 2. Looking suave in his suit and with a twinkle in his eye, Tom said: ‘It’s a matter of when things come together. Sometimes films that you have worked on for many, many years…

“I have had films that I have worked on for years and years and finally the right piece has come together and you feel that it’s going to be something that is exciting.’

(4)    Margot Robbie

The About Time and Wolf of Wall Street actress is one of the big breakthrough actresses of the year. I never noticed her before 2013 and in that year she’s barely stopped working. How does the lady in red deal with the stress? Margot said the secret is eating healthy and exercise to make sure she has a positive attitude. Her favourite workout is an ballet studio in LA called Ballet Bodies, where gym bunnies use pilates machines to mimick the movements of ballet dancers. Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley has previously posted selfies of herself on Instagram of her at the studio. Ballet is becoming a popular fitness craze again.

(5)    Arnold Schwarzeneger

Arnie hinted he would be leaving movies when he got out of politics but he’s about to go back to the big screen in an action movie called Sabotage. But there’s a twist…it has not got well received in early previews by the critics. Arnie is a cop trying to track down missing money after a drugs bust and apparently it’s a rip-roaring chase without a decent storyline. It’s released in the UK on 7 May, and with all this controversy I have to admit I’ll be watching it and judging Arnie’s performance for myself. It’s the Terminator…it’d be rude not to!

And the winners are:

Best Male Newcomer – Aidan Turner

Best Female Newcomer – Margot Robbie

Best Horror – The Conjuring

Best Comedy – Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Best Thriller – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy – The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

Best Supporting Actor – Michael Fassbender

Best Supporting Actress – Sally Hawkins

Best British Film – The World’s End

Best Actress – Emma Thompson

Best Actor – James McAvoy

Best Director – Alfonso Cuaron

Best Film – Gravity

Love Zoex

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31st March 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin