Celebrity Style Steal: Cara Delevigne’s Casual Cool

Is there no stopping British supermodel Cara Delevigne? We’ve just heard that she’s about to team up with Kate Moss in a new advert, which is the biggest compliment any model can get. Queen Moss, who’s been in the business for 25 years, has picked Cara as who she wants to pass on her fashion crown to. After all, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Firstly, they’re both party animals and secondly, they have an effortlessly cool style of dress sense. When Kate first started out in the 90s she was known for her grunge chic and then it became all about the boho – there was never any tight, tarty dresses for her. This is the same for Cara, who I’ve hardly ever seen in a dress.

I’m always a bit scared about ripped jeans but seeing Cara wear them is changing my mind. Looking through the massive selection of women’s jeans at Very, I’ve seen a few I could use to indulge my inner Cara. (I might not be as innately cool as her but at least I can recreate what she wears!) From left to right in the photo above you can see the Joe Brown’s rip and repair jeans, the Love Label ripped skinny jeans and the South Frankie distressed ripped skinny jeans

But if you want to truly be like Cara, you need to think about the extra touches.

Cara, just like Kate, is a rock chick. She’s ALWAYS photographed with headphones round her neck and not just any headphones – Beats by Dre headphones are the celebs’ favourite. Also, she never ever seems to wear heels. I think the Reebok Classics Alicia Keys Wedge Hi-Tops are a good match to the ones she’s wearing in the photo above, which are a pair that she often wears with jeans or leggings.

Reckon you can get away with ripped jeans? Try it and you may be pleasantly surprised, trust me. And after all, Cara is the hottest British model right now. If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, she’s a cool role model.

Love Zoex

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19th March 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Holly B 23 March 2014

First baby! Craving fish fingers on toast with ketchup but mainly for breakfast.

Posted by: Stephanie claydon 19 March 2014

I love cosatto I’ve the cosatto go lightly pram with the bow but its on its last legs , it’s been used that much , I would love to get my daughter the new pram or high chair I love the bright and vibrant colours x

Posted by: Emma Rawding 19 March 2014

My lil summer rose would look so cute sat in a Cosatto pram