Celebrity Style Steal: Rita Ora’s Hot Right Now Tracksuit

Rita Ora is one of those rare few people that looks just as gorgeous in casual clothes as she does glammed up for an awards ceremony or on stage. With Jay-Z as her mentor, Calvin Harris as her boyfriend and Cara Delevigne as her BFF, Rita is one of the most popular stars in pop. I think it must be due to the fact that she keeps her own style rather than trying to follow anyone else’s trend. She’s a strong character and because of that people gravitate towards her because she’s confident in her own skin – a rare quality in the insecure world of celebrities.

She’s popular all around the world so it’s great to see her flying the flag for Britain wherever she goes. One of the best outfits I’ve seen her in recently is an Adidas tracksuit, which she wore to a meeting in West Hollywood. I then discovered you can get her exact top and exact trainers at Very – the Adidas Originals firebird floral print tracksuit and the Adidas Originals honey stripes mid-plimoslls

Rita showed that you can never have too many florals. Just because you’re wearing a floral top, it doesn’t mean you have to wear plain trousers. That would be a shame given the amount of amazing brights at Very. Adidas sell some lovely floral leggings and I adore these Dr Martens Becket canvas floral boots as well.

And if you truly want to look like Rita, you need to check out the Rimmel make-up at Vey. Rita is a poster girl for Rimmel alongside Kate Moss. The nail varnish has her face on – how pretty are these Rita Ora nail varnish bottles?

Spring is on it’s way so it’s never been a better time to get into the floral trend. Are you ready for a fresh new start in your attitude to colour and how much you can wear at once?

Love Zoex

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25th March 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin