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The worlds of art, fashion and interior design are inextricably linked. It’s no surprise that Karl Lagerfeld is turning his hand to hotel design when it’s next to impossible to seperate fashion design from interior design. Yes, the end product is very different but the process is all the same. You’ll also be hard pressed to find a fashionista that doesn’t love a good frame wall, stack of coffee table books or artful arrangement of glassware! Basically, if your into fashion you’re into aesthetically pleaseing things and this shouldn’t stop at your home!

Me and Sarah have joined forces to show you just how you can work your stylish looks to match your equally stylish interior. Think we’re mad? Then read on …

Shop the look: Love Label Dress, Paul’s Boutique Aztec Bag, Olivia Clutch

Picture yourself settling down after you’ve cooked up a storm for friends and family – perched on your rustic leather sofa your Aztec print dress perfectly compliments the golden hues of the glassware. As the night goes on you can cuddle up into your chenille throw and put the world to rights with friends – don’t forget to show off your colourful printed handbag under the glistening glow of your pendant light.

Shop the look: Oasis Bamboo Dress, Paper Dolls Trousers, Love Label Tuxedo

Head home and slip into your favourite floral suit and relax in your quirky yet cute living room and breathe a deep sigh of relief as the boy pours the wine. As you admire your graphic wall art you can tweet your BFF about your latest purchase – a delicious velvet tux. Later on, once you’ve kicked off your heels, you can curl your toes into the soft, supple printed rug.

Shop the look: Definitions Blouse, Motel Dress, Definitions Top

Set the party mood with soft lighting from your bright and beautiful floor lamp and then get ready to be the hostess with the most-ess in your neon print dress. You’ll hear no end of compliments once your guests have spied your co-ordinated bathroom accessories and everyone’s favourite party trick – your ceramic balloon dog! As the party winds down and you unfold your hot pink sofa bed you can steal 10 minutes with the girls to show off your new printed top.

Love, Roanna and Sarah x

P.S. Sarah blogs about her favourite books over at Sarah’s Adventures in Literature Land if you fancy it! Or for style snaps, beauty, ethical fashion and more check out Roanna’s blog: becomingraje.

10th March 2014
Written by Very_Lauren