Jessica Ennis-Hill Shows Us The Adidas ClimaChill Range

It’s not easy finding motivation to go to the gym but Adidas have something to help us – new clothes that will keep us cool both in looks and feel. The new range is called ClimaChill because of the way it’s designed to regulate the body temperature and it will be available at Very on the 1st of April, but I was invited to get an exclusive preview of the range at an event in central London. I took a few photos so you can see what bright new gear to expect!

Sometimes you might pick t-shirts or leggings purely because of the colour – I know I am guilty of this – but after learning about these new Adidas ClimaChill items, I realised it’s just as important to question what fabric your exercise clothes are made from. Adidas has used SubZero yarn, a revolutionary flat yarn containing titantium metal, to draw heat away from the body faster than traditional round yarns. Gold medal winning Olympic athlete Jessica Ennis Hill knows just how important it is to keep body temperature low so it can function at it’s best and she told me she’s been training in these ClimaChill items already. If it’s good enough for Jess, it tells me something…

Jessica is six months pregnant but she is determined to keep in shape and she told me she’s been running and doing light exercises under the guidance of her coaches to ensure she can get back to training as quickly as possible after giving birth. ‘I’m not used to being this big,’ she confessed to me. ‘Some people wouldn’t think I was huge but I’m used to having a six pack so this is weird for me.’ I thought she looked absolutely tiny, mainly because her legs are still lean from running. ‘The Adidas products really do help keep me cool and my bump feels supported which means I can train longer,’ she added. It was great to see that Jessica seemed truly happy about becoming a mum, telling me: ‘I’m a bit scared but I’m excited too. These next three months are going to feel like forever as I wait for my baby to arrive.’ Bless!

The range isn’t just for female athletes and sports fans. David Beckham is one of the male ambassadors as the temperature regulating fabric is just as useful on the football pitch as it is on the running field or any other event where you’re likely to sweat a lot.

And it’s not just the yarn that makes these clothes different from anything else on the market. Adidas are the first brand to use Aluminium cooling spheres, dotted around the warmest parts of the body. Yes, the metal aluminium…so don’t wear it if you’re going through an airline metal detector! You’ll find these aluminium dots on the back of the neck as this is one of the areas that overheats first.

However, don’t worry about it making the t-shirt heavy. When you wear it it’s light and comfortable and I found the fabric really soft, which may have had something to do with the flat yarn. It’s only when you run in it that it does it’s job so basically your t-shirt is taking some of the work away from your body. It cools you down so your body doesn’t have to and can focus on making you perform better.

I’m definitely not an elite athlete but if this ClimaChill range makes it easier for me in the gym then it sounds like a good idea to me. The fact that the gorgeous David Beckham and the lovely Jessica Ennis Hill are backing the brand is the cherry on the cake…or should that be the wheatgrass shot in the protein shake?

Love Zoex

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25th March 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin