Make her feel at home on Mother’s Day

Buying a Mother’s Day present is difficult. You want to get her something she actually wants and, at the same time, you want to show her how much you love her by demonstrating a bit of thought and not just reaching for the gift vouchers. So far so good, but then your sister tells you she’s already bought that high-end night cream your mum adores, and your brother has picked up that handbag she had her eye on. You got her jewellery at Christmas and you don’t want to get her chocolates as she’s on a diet. What to do?

Never fear! I have a few great gift ideas that she’ll absolutely love and will be able to put out around the home to admire for a long time to come – and, naturally, to show off to guests and say how it was a gift from wonderful you!

Candles – Candles make for beautiful gifts, whether scented Yankee Candles that evoke memories of fun times you’ve spent together, or a gorgeous candle holder that she can keep on display, she’s sure to love it.

Photos – If you have access to some lovely family snaps then a photo frame can be a beautiful gift. Pre-fill it with childhood pics, or photos from a family event and watch it become her new favourite gift.

Home accessories – If your mum is anything like mine then she loves doing up her home, so why not get her a lovely piece of wall art or a fabulous ornament for that room she’s just decorated? She’ll be made up and it really shows some thought.

Flowers – Yes, I know it’s cliche but receiving flowers is lovely. Even better is when someone gives you a beautiful vase to put them in. Along with the bouquet give her a green glass vase that’s right on-trend this season and she’ll be able to use it every time she gets a bunch!

So try it out, forget the toiletries and the chocs this year and get your mum something beautiful for her home that’s just a little bit creative!

Love Sarah x

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Graphics designed by Sara Yates (@Sara_Very).

26th March 2014
Written by Very_Lauren