Pixie Lott Does Nasty At GAY Gig

Pixie Lott’s newest single is called Nasty but just because she sings about nastiness it doesn’t mean she has to look it. In fact, she went the opposite way with her outfit choice  for a performance at London’s GAY nightclub. With her long legs, the short white shorts made her look gorgeous, and the faux fur on her crop top was super cute. And judging from the photo below, I’m not the only one who thinks this. The crowd went crazy for Pixie!

The single is out on 9 March and it marks the start of what will be a very busy year for the pop Princess. I can reveal she’s already been fighting for months with her legal team to have the right to release Nasty as a single. because it was originally recorded by Christina Aguilera for her movie Burlesque. And although she won this battle, she’s now got to prove she can do it better – after having Number Ones with Mama Do and Boys And Girls and Turn It Up, imagine the pressure to make sure it sells well!

Nasty will be the first single for her upcoming album, which has the simple title of Pixie Lott, and which will be released in May. And then she’ll do another single before she performs at festivals and then goes off on her own tour in November and December. I”m exhausted just thinking about it! However, I am also excited as I love Pixie’s quirky pop sound. She makes everyone want to get up and dance and she’s one of the few stars that got fame early (aged 16) but doesn’t feel the need to re-invent herself and be dark and dirty. She’s still as nice and cute and girly as ever, which I think shows strength of character compared to the likes of Miley Cyrus.

I’ll be downloading Nasty to support her – will you?

Love Zoex

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10th March 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin