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There’s something about a coffee table groaning under the weight of fashion focused books that warms the hearts of fashionistas world wide. Being into fashion is more than loving shopping, liking dressing up or following celeb trends. Fashion is a wonderful, beautiful, intoxicating world you escape to – leaving all mundane cares behind.

Flicking through the glossy pages of fashion books is one way to enter this world of non-stop beauty. Whether you have one, a million or non a collection of fashion books is always a work in progress but for those just starting out, here are some classics:

Facehunter Book

Arguably the king of street style photography Yvan Rodic is a master at capturing the off-beat, unexpected and simply glorious fashion moments that happen in everyday life. This book, one of many by the photographer, includes over 300 photos along with captions from Facehunter explaining the moment.

Grace Book

A self-penned memoir from model turned editor Grace Coddginton. For an honest, gripping and insightful glimpse into the fashion industry look no further. Grace writes candidly on her experiences in front of and behind the lens and shares her hard earned wisdom on the world of fashion. Grace is perhaps one of the most qualified people alive to publish with such authority on the industry we all know and love.

Fifty Dresses That Changed The World

Charting the impact that 50 dresses have had on British fashion this aesthetically pleasing book takes a look at the real effect of good design. From the dress itself to the designer and the moment surrounding the piece this books shares a glimpse into the iconic moments that these designs created.

Sartorialist book

Scott Schuman set out to capture the sartorial highlights that happen on the street as well as on the fashion crowd and this book is a catlalogue of his well-shot findings. Set in inspiring cities all around the world Scott opens our eyes to the way fashion is interpreted and perfected by individuals everywhere.

the fashion book

A comprehensive look at the fashion industry as a whole. With milliners, womenswear designers, accessories giants and menswear labels this book touches on the workings of the industry and its biggest players.

 Vogue On

Who better to lift the lid on our favourite designers than the team at Vogue. Thoroughly researched and well executed the Vogue On series is a collection of profiles on fashion’s high flyers. Start collecting them by choosing your designer of the season and fall in love with fashion all over again.

What are your favourite fashionable reads?

Love, Roanna x

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17th March 2014
Written by Very_Lauren