Fearne Cotton’s s/s14 pieces have just landed. we caught up with the stylish star for a girlie gossip! Bright colours, lace panelling and bold prints – it’s all going on in the new collection. The style icon knows how important it is to inject a little fun into outfits. “I’m enjoying giving my wardrobe a switch up now the weather is nice again,”

Fearne – who’s engaged to Jesse Wood, the father of her 13-month-old son, Rex – tells us. “I love wearing something bright for spring.”   This may be her 13th range for us, but it’s clear the 32 year old is as passionate as ever about fashion…

How do you get into the frame of mind for designing?
I wear my comfiest clothes and put on some good music, usually something from the 70s like Neil Young or Fleetwood Mac. It’s an era I find particularly inspiring. Sometimes I’ll play an album by Jake Bugg or Mutual Benefit – they’re a new band who make gloriously relaxing music. They’re perfect for drawing to. I have all my favourite pencils, my art pad and some magazines or imagery I’ve found. Then I get on with it.

Do you ever look in your celebrity pals’ wardrobes to get inspiration?
I haven’t as yet, but it’s a great idea. I do look online occasionally and see who wore what to the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Baftas… and then I draw inspiration from there.


What item from your best mate’s closet would you most like to steal?
Holly [Willoughby] has a shoe collection to scream about. It’s full of the prettiest heels ever. We are handily the same size, so I may be sneaking in there again soon!

Who’s your current celebrity style crush?
I like everything that actress Lupita Nyong’o has worn this red carpet season. I think she makes bold, bright choices which work. I also love Jennifer Lawrence – you can tell she wears things that make her feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time.

Who has the best hair in Celebland right now?
I love Amy Adams’ long flamy hair. What a gorgeous colour and it always looks so thick. I also love Jennifer Lawrence’s short crop.
I’d never pull it off, but it’s such a cool look for her.


What one item from your wardrobe is in the heaviest rotation?
My skinny jeans are easy to pair with anything. At the moment, I’ve been wearing the new Lainey Sandals from my collection a lot.
They’re so comfy and I love the clear Perspex heel. They go with everything.

Which one trend will we not see you rocking this summer?
I’m not that keen on having my arms fully out. I feel like I have the shoulders of an American
football player in sleeveless dresses, so I always give that look a miss.


What’s Jesse’s favourite thing in your wardrobe?
He is happy as long as I’m happy. Jesse is literally the most easy-going person around. He just lets me get on with it.

Will you be designing your own wedding dress?
I’d definitely love to be involved in that process. I think it would be so much fun creating something for the big day.

Imagine you’ve got five minutes to get ready and meet the girls for a meal. what do you wear?
Black skinny jeans, a slash-neck T-shirt and huge bright heels.


Love what you’re seeing? Shop the collection, it’s ready and waiting!

28th April 2014
Written by Very_Lisa