If, like us, you’re repeating the mantra “next year I will be at Coachella!” then you’re just gonna love this post. Why? Because not only are we taking a dip into our ultimate festival style icon’s wardrobe, Gillian Zinser, we’re giving you a hard hit of fashion that’ll mean you can steer clear of green-eyed Instagram sessions (well, for an hour or two at least!).

Now, you might have missed out on the celeb-fest #coolchella, but there’s line-ups a plenty in the UK that’ll knock your socks and sandals off! So, if you’re planning a field trip to Glasto or you’ve already got your V tickets in the bag you’re gonna need to think WWGD*

*What Would Gillian Do?

90210 fans amongst you will have spotted that we’re talking about Ivy Sullivan, the bohemian babe who ditches clutch bags for surfboards and always has perfect beach locks that are almost impossible to copy no matter how much sea salt spray we spritz! The good news is, her laid-back Cali-cool style isn’t as difficult to emulate. Here’s how to get in style’s Ivy league…

First up, you need a pair of denim shorts – this is NOT optional! One style can look a bit samey-samey so channel free-spirited vibes right from the off by switching between high-waisted vintage and cheeky jean shorts (just not Cheeky Girl cheeky!). One of the reasons we crush so much on hippie Queen G is because she always manages to make make masculin feminin look effortless – and even the toughest of accessories look pretty! So, copycat that by pairing your shorties with tight-fitting band tees, ‘don’t speak’ slogans and oversized tops before introducing kimonos, hats and stacks of bright bangles and beads. Now for the beauty buzz…

Featured: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, Illamasqua Lipstick ‘Over’, NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder ‘Blonde’.

After a good squirt of mousse, try wrapping your hair around our Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves Wand for instant shaggy-chic locks that don’t look too prim. Then, backcomb your roots slightly to add a little va-va-! It may look slightly undone, but you could sweep always it up into a messy topbun if your curls drop out.

We all know that looking ‘au natural’ doesn’t come, well, natural (except to a lucky few!) so prep your skin with a little bronze glow then add pout-enhancing coral and a slick of powder to define your eyebrows.

Peace out x

Rio Gio graphics by Stephen Murray.

22nd April 2014
Written by Very_Lauren