Find the perfect jumpsuit for your body shape this summer with Very!

OK, so jumpsuits are all the rage this season and I have to say I’ve always been tempted by them as I’m tall and have long legs, but I also have hips and a bust and have always thought you need a straight up and down kinda shape to pull this look off.

Not to worry though – I’ve been looking into the jumpsuit and if you want to look good in one this summer then take note of these tips and get shopping ladies!

If you’ve got more going on up top…

I hate the phrase top-heavy, it sounds bulky and totally unflattering to me so, if you’ve got a bust then look for jumpsuits with V-necks or a button up front to flatter your décolletage and if you’re worried about gaping then wear a cute cami underneath.

Very loves: This Definitions jersey jumpsuit as the V-neck flatters your bust and Brave Soul’s printed silky V-neck jumpsuit is sultry yet complements your décolletage.

Styles to avoid: Bandeau – you don’t want any embarrassing accidents!

Calling all hourglasses and pears…

OK, so if you’ve got a little more going on below the hips then you should draw attention to your narrow waist with belted options. Balance out your sexy hips with halter neck styles, shoulder details and flared legs.

Very loves: This Savoir wide leg jumpsuit balances your figure, while the French Connection printed jumpsuit is relaxed and perfect for your hols.

Styles to avoid: Boxy top shapes as they draw attention away from your curves.

Apples and athletic figures…

Right, so these two sound completely different, but think about it, what do both shapes have in common? Skinny pins! So, therefore, you must, must, must try a jumpsuit with a slim, tapered leg. Also try a piece that has a little extra room in the waist – if you’re an apple then it’ll draw attention away from your waist and tum and if you’re a straight up and down kinds girl then it’ll add shape.

Very loves: This Definitions orange straight leg jumpsuit is a little roomier around the waist and features a straight leg to show off slim pins, while the South bandeau jumpsuit allows the fabric to drape over your waist and hips for an ultra flattering result that’ll add shape to even the narrowest of waists.

Styles to avoid: Belted waists – for obvious reasons!

If you’ve got serious junk in the trunk…

Make the most of your derrière by dressing it in jumpsuits with lower waists (like you get on trousers) as it sits lower on the waist making you bum appear shorter and smaller…however, if your style is all about showing off what your mama gave ya then go for a fitted waist or maybe even a halter neck!

Very loves: This Definitions jumpsuit is uber relaxed with a slightly dropped waist and back pockets that’ll definitely get your derriere noticed – for all the right reasons! For something a little smarter try this Little Mistress evening jumpsuit – the trouser like style is super smart and sophisticated, just watch out for the side pockets.

Styles to avoid: Belts and high waists (for a smaller looking bum), but break the trend for bootyliscious results!

For petite and proud girls…

Being petite doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a straight up and down figure, so follow the rules above for your shape and remember – V-necks and plunging necklines will give your body the illusion of being longer than it is and heels are a must for adding height!

Very loves: Both of these Kardashian jumpsuits feature a plunging neckline to make your frame appear longer. The slim leg fit also helps to show off your pins and I’m loving the heels too!

Styles to avoid: Too much detail at the top and shoulders – can risk looking boxier and smaller as a result.

For tall and leggy girls…

Wide leg jumpsuits will suit your frame better and you can get away with more daring styles like the one-shoulder. However, stick to the above rules when it comes to your shape and if you want to get a model look, elongate your figure with a plunging neckline and a slim leg for pins that go on forever!

Very loves: Being tall you can get away with most styles, whether it’s urban and edgy like this Diesel jumpsuit or relaxed and off-duty like Vero Moda’s printed jumpsuit.

Styles to avoid: You can get away with pretty much anything, but remember to make sure you pick out your shape from above and go from there!

And finally…

  • Small patterns and block colours are the easiest top wear, whatever shape you are.
  • Bold patterns are for the brave or super skinny.
  • Go for embellishments and frills to glam up your evening jumpsuit.
  • Loose styles will make you look slightly bigger than you are and so is better for slimmer girls. However if it’s the retro look you’re going for than the wider the leg the better and if you want to show off your figure to the max, no matter your size, then opt for a more fitted style.

Hope you’ve found my advice useful and start to embrace the jumpsuit – I think I am this summer!

Love Laura x

23rd April 2014
Written by Laura_Loves

Posted by: rach 5 May 2014

I’m tall with big Boob’s and size 18 which one would be better for me please. There all fab

Posted by: Sophie Moss 23 April 2014

Please tell me I can buy the first black jumpsuit at the top of the article with the lace neckline?!