Girl Meets Boy

Hey girl, you’ve got male.

Borrowing from the boys is pretty much where it’s at – even for spring! The good news is that embracing fashion’s mannish mood doesn’t mean you’ve got to surrender all things pretty. In fact, Man, I Feel Like a Woman has never felt so apt! But listen up, there’s two rules here; you’ve got to think more Carrie than Miranda and you need to hark back to the classic girl-meets-boy scenario. Deal? Let’s do a quick background check.

Androgyny has been rumbling as a trend for quite some time now, with Hedi Slimane powering it through to perfection at the helm of Saint Laurent – see Courtney Love. But in our eyes LBD ledge Coco Chanel really kicked things off when she cut ties with the sartorial traditions and corseted constrictions gals faced. Cue heady visions of Coco nipping and tucking Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel’s trews because that rad pair of pants she made for herself quickly made tailored touches ‘it’ for women of the world.

Fast forward to the ’60s when Saint Laurent was YSL, ‘le smoking jacket’ (or tuxedo to us!) became another step for man/womankind and ‘Oh, dear blazer, we’d be lost without you’ got inscribed as fashion’s right of passage. Skip the ‘80s when power dressing was less of a style statement and more of just, a statement, because trust us, unless you’re Lady Gaga, shoulder pads are never okay. More to the point, donning head-to-toe masculinity is no longer about getting ahead and instead it’s simply about looking damn hot – so let’s get to it!

You’re going to need a white shirt  à la Uma in Pulp Fiction, some boy bottoms and a suit that’s either bright, white or blooming because these are dominating every must-have list. Throw in some boyfriend jeans for a little nod to the ’90s (boyf optional) and you’re almost set! Just take Alexa Chung as your main muse followed by this hit of inspiration from the flicks, the bloggers and the French (Coco, we salute you!)…


A cigarette suit with darling buds is guaranteed to set the camera a-flash, but so did the rest of these street style looks that truly hit the andro nail on the head. They’re so perfect for transitional moments, iffy weather and even post carb nommage when a bodycon dress just won’t cut it!

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Diane Keaton’s style in Annie Hall (basically her own) is as awesome today as it was back in the ‘70s. Former beau of Woody Allen, her kooky, eclectic look – that in all honesty looked as if she’d flung on the first garms she picked up – sparked a trend that left every girl trying to layer up like Annie. The kit? Oversized blazers, men’s shirts and a tie from your grammy or gramps. Not so much girl-meets-boy, granted, but if you want to get this look bang-on, AH must be your main source.


Started from Coco now we’re here! Thanks to good ol’ Gabs, French femmes are still rocking the masculine/feminine mish-mash – and it always looks amaze. Less “hooray le beret!” and more *sultry French accent* “Jacques! I’ve borrowed your navy sweater!”. Copycat Clémence Poésy, Inès de La Fressange, and boho rock chic-turned actress Vanessa Paradis.


Without even doing a tally we know that Alexa never gets this trend wrong. Just the other day the fashionista herself admitted that she finds men’s clothing “empowering”, and just like every word from her book It – we couldn’t agree more!

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4th April 2014
Written by Very_Lauren