Icons and I-can’ts

We all have one, that person whose fashionable ways just make us swoon. Even if we don’t emulate that person’s style IRL, we can still admire them from afar! For me it has to be Emma Watson because she’s always impeccably dressed and her outfits certainly have plenty of personality – that backless red ball gown says it all!

On the flip side there are some people who consistently have us dismayed, and I know for me I just don’t get Jennifer Aniston and her love of a little black dress. Why play it safe when you have so many designers at your fingertips – not to mention the killer body to pull off some seriously daring styles.

I’ve been asking around the office to see which other celebs are on the Very team’s list of Icons and I-can’ts!


Icon: someone from Mad Men as I like the bold colours and bodycon style!

I-can’t: Oh Ri–Ri – She’s just naked half the time! I wouldn’t say she has an iconic style and I won’t look back in 50 years time and remember her fashion.


Icon: Olivia Palermo – she puts casual pieces with tailored jackets and it looks effortlessly stylish. I like her earthy tones, crisp white against sharp black and clean lines. City girl style and laid-back chic!

I-can’t: Rihanna! Too many crop tops, spikes, hoopy earrings and studs for my liking!


Icon: it is, and always will be, Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) in Clueless. Dig those mini-kilts and hats – fun yet classy!

I-can’t: Katy Perry’s pseudo-vintage style, it always feels like she’s trying too hard to be quirky!


Icon: Suki Waterhouse! The belle to a Bradley Cooper beau, Suki always looks Brit-cool and straight outta the ‘60s with locks that are amazing whether messy or beehived!

I-can’t: Cheryl Cole. Granted, she always looks totally gorge – but I’d need a team of people on hand at all times to blow dry, tan and primp me to perfection!


Icon: Carrie Bradshaw – I go from loving to hating Carrie’s look in the space of 20 minutes – but that’s a result of her having fun with fashion!

I-can’t: Kate Middleton – She dresses the same every day and plays it safe – it’s like she doesn’t know her own style.


Icon: Jane Birkin – effortlessly stylish, she had a way of wearing a simple white shirt tucked into jeans and looking super cool. Plus I love the fact that she shunned designer bags for a wicker wear basket which she carried everywhere!

I-can’t: Lady Gaga – tries far too hard!


Icon: Victoria Beckham! She pulls off smart chic so well – hence me going through a grey palette stage!

I-can’t: I think Nicki Minaj is far too bold for me, I prefer playing it a bit safe!


And one for the boys…


Icon: David Beckham. Despite having a tough time of things in the early years, Becks has turned it around as he’s got older, always looking pristine at formal events in sharp suits that fit perfectly. He’s also good looking – basically I want to be him. I even like his wife.

I can’t: Grayson Perry I get you want to express yourself in the name of art but just put a painting up or something.


So what about you?! Let us know your personal icons and i-can’ts below! Love Aimee x

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Images by Sara Yates (@Sara_Very)

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25th April 2014
Written by Very_Lauren