Inside Lily Allen’s Sultry Gig At GAY

Lily Allen is now officially back! Her long-awaited comeback album, Sheezus, is out on 5 May. In advance of that she did a gig at London’s GAY nightclub and the crowd went absolutely wild with love for her. You can say what you want about the album when you hear it but there is absolutely no question that Lily knows how to rock a venue and put on a show like the true diva she is!

Lily recently revealed she had been copied into an email of market research from the public listening to her album and not entirely liking it plus some reviews in the newspapers and music publications have not been 100% positive. But when she performed the tracks live it took on a new meaning. The main track from the album, which is also called Sheezus, had a particularly poignant lyric in it as Lily sung about bracing herself with the inevitable comparison to other female solo singers like Katy Perry, Beyonce and Gaga. To be honest though, Lily can hold her own – in her short set she did three outfit changes. I particularly liked the first one:

When Lily first started she was known for her strong fashion  look of prom dresses with flats and she brought that back at GAY but with a lovely pair of heels. The girl’s grown up! If you like this look as much as I do, you’ll be glad to know Very has loads of prom dresses right now. I particularly like the Definitions eyelash lace prom dress.

After that she changed into a leotard, Lady Gaga style, showing off an impressively toned bod. It was hard to believe she’s a mum of two. And then she did a brilliant impression of Beyonce, singing Drunk In Love in a blond wig.

Before the song, she said if the album didn’t sell she would try to be more like Beyonce. Well, she did a good job so Bey needs to watch her back! I hope the album does well though, she’s putting her heart and soul into it.

Love Zoex

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28th April 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin