There’s something about the word ‘prom’ that just makes us want to belt out some Taylor Swift, but this year our prom-spiration is switching from pop-country music to some seriously classic movies! Taking influence from the ’50s, the ’70s, and the ’90s, we’re looking to Grease, She’s All That and The Virgin Suicides in search of the perfect prom icon…

She’s All That

From the moment we saw Laney Boggs (Rachel Leigh Cook) in her oversized printed shirt and denim dungarees on the beach we knew there was a style icon in the making! Quickly came the ‘big reveal’ in which a tweeze, a hair snip and major red dress later showed that the girl hiding behind those granny specs (which, to be honest, we kinda liked!) was one hot chica – no major shock there! The real WOW moment came for us when sweet little Laney rocked up to her high school dance in the perfect prom dress – sexy, sultry and just that little bit Hollywood. Part Audrey Hepburn, part Marilyn Monroe, steal her style with a classic black maxi dress or add a little 2014 attitude with this faux leather Love Label frock, then prepare yourself for a few one-liners like this…*

*We can’t promise they’ll come from Freddie.


For every girl, the search for the perfect prom dress is almost a practice run for when wedding bells are a’ dinging, and pre “Tell me about it, stud” Sandy looked sweet-as-punch in her swooshy dress that just screams 1950s and “Marry me Zuko!”. Now, in our humble opinion, there’s no better time than your prom night to unleash the inner princess that we all secretly have (yes, even Taylor Momsen!) and a skater style skirt is just dreamy when it comes to twirling around the dance floor! Make like Sandra Dee in proper prom dress like this one from Definitions, then add vintage-style white shoes and a wrap-around ribbon for extra prettiness! Then all that’s left is to practice these moves…

The Virgin Suicides

Now celebrating it’s 14 Year Anniversary, Sofia Coppola’s first ever feature film truly deserves a mention as to this day it’s still undeniably cool (even with those coordinating ‘70s prom dresses that aren’t-so!). Shot all dreamlike and hazy, we’re pinpointing the Lisbon sisters and Kirsten Dunst as prom icons thanks to blooms, petals and stems that are ever so spring fling/vintage.  Copycat the style from this cult classic but bring it right up to date with this floral prom dress or pale maxi dress. Happy Prom-ing, Queens!

Love Francine x

Graphics by Sasha King and Hayley Oldfield.

24th April 2014
Written by Very_Lauren