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Marathon season is coming up on us very soon, and if you’re brave/crazy enough to be taking on the challenge (like fellow very blogger, Honorary Scouse), or even if you’re just looking to improve your time over one mile, we’ve got the tech that will take all the effort out of monitoring your progress.

Garmin have the Forerunner 610 Touchscreen GPS Training Watch that comes in two versions, one with and one without a heart rate monitor band. As it’s multisport, you can use this no matter how you want to mix up your routine, whether it’s biking, running or even taking a dip in the pool! It has all sorts of features, from the GPS which will track your exact speed and distance when running or cycling, to being able to tell how far you’ve swam, how many lengths you’ve done and even what stroke you’re using when you’re in the pool!

Garmin 610 Forerunner with Heart Rate Band

Now if you’re looking for something that can track your running only, Nike have a range of Nike+ watches. This one can use GPS to track your pace and distance, but you can also upload your records to the Nike+ website and challenge any friends to spur you on (nothing like a bit of friendly competition!). This watch is also available in 3 colours, Black, White and Blue Glow.

Nike+ Watches

If these are all a little boring for you, and you want a bit of colour in your workout, then you could try either the Sportline Solo 925 Ladies Fitness Watch in Pink, or the Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Watch in grey with pink detail, or in black with red detail. The Sportline watch features a pedometer so can measure your steps and distance, whereas the Garmin uses GPS, so is a little more accurate. Both of these watches measure heart rate with no band required, so like the Garmin multisport watch you can keep an eye out and make sure you’re not overworking.

For all of our fitness watches click here, and for all our sports and fitness equipment click here.

So hopefully this will make that last bit of training go a little easier and knock those extra few seconds off your fastest time! Good luck with whatever run you decide to take part in!

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5th April 2014
Written by Very_Marc

Posted by: Mattie 10 April 2014

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