Get Carried Away With Butterfly Twists

A few years ago one successful business man who worked in The City lost a bet and  had to spend an evening in high heels. Needless to say it only took a brief dalliance in stilettos to highlight the pain and discomfort that we Very girls go through every Friday and Saturday night (and Wednesday and Thursday…)! This enlightening experience sparked the idea for Butterfly Twists – the formidable and fabulously fashionable flat for the girl-on-the-go. Butterfly Twists Butterfly Twists are available in an array of prints and materials and the range even includes boots and brogues – but the most wonderful thing of all? Every single pair twists up into a palm size bundle. Since launching their fold-able flats Butterfly Twists have fluttered onto the pages of numerous fashion magazines and onto the feet of many a chic celebs – basically, the fashion world has realised that there is finally a practical yet beautiful shoe that’s small enough to fold up into their Chanel 2.5 (a girl can dream!). Butterfly TwistsButterfly Twists

For happy feet, shop our Butterfly Twists range: Diana Stud. Diana Paisley, Heather Peep Toe, Oliva, Kate.

Love, Roanna x

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21st May 2014
Written by Very_Lauren