Exclusive Gossip: The Edge Of Tomorrow London Premiere

Three premieres across two different continents in just one day – I have never heard of this before until today! I’ve seen two premieres in the UK in one day with Steve Coogan’s film Alpha Papa having a premiere in Norwich and London. But Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt did London, Paris and New York in 24 hours.

Their film, the Edge of Tomorrow, includes action, science-fiction, war and a love story. Tom and Emily are soldiers facing an alien attack and they get regenerated until they get closed to defeating the enemy. It’s a completely unique storyline and for that it deserved a spectacular day of premieres. It started in London at 645 am, then Paris was 2pm and New York at 10pm. But can someone please explain how Emily looked this good before most people have had breakfast?


On the red carpet, Emily revealed her secret. It’s called Krav Manga – a martial art that involves fighting to win using any tactic you want like biting and scratching. Emily said it taught her to defend herself as well as helping her stamina and giving her a total body workout. She’s a brave woman! But she looks stunning in her multi-coloured dress doesn’t she?

Despite the early morning start, another of the film’s stars, Charlotte Riley, looked flawless in a gold dress as she walked the red carpet with her boyfriend Tom Hollander. I love a gold dress – it makes the wearer look like a princess!


Because of the early start, there were not that many stars except for the ones directly involved with the film but Guy Ritchie did take his pregnant wife Jacqui. She looked radiant in a blue maxi dress despite being hours away from giving birth. It’s a good job she didn’t give birth in the movie theatre.


The film is out in the UK on 30 May. It’s definitely different and with romance and fighting it’s one girls and boys can appreciate.

Love Zoex

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30th May 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin