Fabulously Festival Hair


You’ve practiced your tent pitching skills, the bag is packed and you’re ready to soak up the songs, sights and sounds of your chosen festival. But I’m afraid it’s time to face that one thing that could dampen your festival fever… the hair issue. Partying all day (and probably all night), getting a few hours shut eye in a sleeping bag and then doing it all again may be great for your happiness levels but it ain’t so good for the tresses… and then there’s the lack of showers… but fear not! Armed with this guide and copious amounts of dry shampoo you can rock a new do every day and get on with more important stuff, such as checking out the best up and coming acts and sourcing the cheapest pint of cider on site.

Day one

You’re feeling full of energy, the sun is hopefully shining and your locks are freshly washed. This is the day to go sleek and straight, with minimal product required to make your hair look fabulous. For a more festival feel, plait the two front sections and join them together at the back of your head for an instant boho vibe.

Day two

Here’s hoping you’ve dodged the hangover and are bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to party. Today is the day for a loose fishtail plait, worn to the side and with a slightly messy look. If you’re wanting to add a pastel pop, tie thin ribbons around one of the sections before starting the plait to thread a touch of colour through your tresses.

 Day three

 There’s no getting away from the fact that your hair is feeling a bit icky by this stage, but fear not, today is all about the product. Hit the dry shampoo or textured spray and go for mussed up waves courtesy of the fishtail plait you were rocking yesterday. Team with a floral hair band or a cute daisy chain band to add some festival fancy.

 Day four

You’ve danced till you’ve dropped and drank more cider than you ever though possible – so basically you’ve had an absolutely amazing time. Your hair however is feeling the strain, so rock a messy bun – which shouldn’t be too hard after yesterdays waves – and add a cute flower clip to match the laid-back vibe.

Enjoy! Love Aimee x

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19th May 2014
Written by Very_Lauren