It’s totally ‘90s, it’s baby-faced Leo and it’s Billy Shakespeare-turned-ghetto, what’s not to love about Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of Romeo and Juliet? This week, our throwback nod gets a little frowback too thanks to the likes of DiCap, Danes and that Henry Holland Homegirls collection. So, come and join us in fair Verona where we lay our scene…

You know that we’ve been already been blogging our socks off about the nineties revival? Well, here’s a flick that’s so ‘90s that it’s even got that guy from Bring It On as best man! Then there’s Juliet’s wedding get-up –  a dress with buttons, shiny material and a halter neck, plus a super high ponytail…need we say more? Our twist in this star-crossed tale is that you don’t have to pick sides. Sorry Capulets, but we’re going with Team Montague this time, taking none other than Romeo himself as our next hit of style inspiration.


Leonardo’s shirt collection in this film is nothing short of epic (we hate that word but there’s really no other to describe it!). That’s why this #throwback moment focuses on all things with a pineapple punch. Think tropicool mixed in with a good bit of palm reading because with the holiday season in full swing, Club Tropicana has reopened it’s doors! No George Micheal this time, just stacks and stacks of exotic prints and juicy watermelon hues.  So, take your cue from a Hawaiian-shirted Romeo and introduce your wardobe to all things totally tropical. Here’s a few things to get you started…

tropicalAX Paris Tropical Print Midi Dress, Oasis Tropical Blazer, Bellfield Tropical Sleeveless Shirt.

tropicalleoAmy Childs Tropical Maxi Dress, So Fabulous Tropical Jumpsuit, Definitions Tropical Scuba Dress.


Francine x

23rd May 2014
Written by Very_Lauren