Gossip From X Men: Days Of Future Past Premiere

It was a rainy night in London for the eagerly awaited X Men movie but that didn’t stop the stars from putting on a smile and their best outfits and braving the showers. The show must go on and all that! There is a lot of male eye candy in this film with Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender so there wasn’t as many girls to get fashion inspiration from but as the premiere was one of the hottest tickets in town, celebs th weren’t involved in the film showed up.

One that especially caught my eye was former child actress Dakota Blue Richards


Dakota found fame age 13 in Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman. As a teenager she was in the TV drama Skins and now she’s 20, she’s getting into Hollywood again.The Quiet Hour is like The Hunger Games – about post-apocalyptic Britain and aliens and scary stuff! I was a bit surprised about how gorey it sounds as she looked so pretty and innocent in her backless black dress.

Another celebrity that caught my eye – for the right reasons was Chloe Gill


Chloe and JB got married a couple of week’s ago and this is their first red carpet outing as a married couple. They’ve even co-ordinated red outfits – how sweet! I like her red dress, especially the asymetric hem which shows off her very toned legs.

And Katy B was out again! I’ve seen her a lot at showbiz parties recently, probably because she has a new album and tour to promote! Last time I saw her she was wearing black and white and it was another monochrome outfit for the premiere. The white skirt was a brave choice for rain!


The stars of the film looked very handsome and in my opinion, it’s worth seeing just for Michael Fassbender (below, right)


It’s out in the UK on 22 May. Will you be watching it?

Love Zoex

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13th May 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin