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All Inclusive

All inclusive means you only have to worry about which bikini to wear and whether or not you’d rather drink you pina colada poolside or at the bar. To match this effortless style, you need a lighthearted read with plenty of laughs and enough intrigue to stop you from dozing off in the midday sun. Marian Keyes has got this down to a fine art and with a huge back catalogue of brilliant books, you’re spoilt for choice. My personal favourite is Sushi For Beginners. Set in Dublin, it’s all about the trials and tribulations of getting the latest women’s magazine up and running. There’s plenty of laughs and romance as Keyes takes on tricky subjects and gives them a trademark humorous twist that is sure to draw you in.



You get to see the sites and nobody judges you if you haven’t washed your hair in a few weeks – got to love that dry shampoo. This kind of holiday is all about the exploration so you need literature that makes you think – and also holds you attention on those 16 hour bus rides. My personal choice for backpacking is always a Kindle – it won’t take up space is your backpack and it means your choice of book can change depending on which corner of the earth you’re exploring. If you’re heading to Thailand it has to be The Beach, the story of a backpackers quest for an untouched corner of Asia without the usual tourist trappings. Bill Bryson’s Down Under is a must for any auzzie travels as his love for the country radiates from every page and for anyone interrailing around Scandinavia with plenty of travel time on their hands, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy is a brilliant choice. It’s a very dark, but utterly enthralling tale about the unlikely friendship between a computer hacker and a disgraced journalist.



Long, two week holidays can take months of planning, saving and packing. A mini-break however is a whole different story. With cheap flights to Europe, you’ve got plenty of culture at your fingertips so you can easily hop on a plane last minute and set about exploring a whole new country. This spur of the moment vibe is perfectly captured in the Hyperbole and a Half. Based on the hugely popular blog by Allie Brosh, it has plenty of short stories and hilarious tales for you to dip into when you’re waiting to board your flight or wanting to take five in a local delicatessen.


Weekend retreat

Even if you can’t head abroad this summer there are plenty of options in the UK, so you can easily kick back and relax without breaking the bank. Plus you have plenty of choices when it comes to homegrown literature. Go classic and get lost in a Bronté – bonus points if you’re holidaying in Yorkshire. A personal favourite is Wuthering Heights, an enthralling novel about jealousy, love and regret set in the misty moors during the early 1800s. If you’re after a more  romantic plot, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is ideal – you can swoon over the brooding Mr Darcy and revel in Elizabeth’s rejection of what is expected of a proper lady.


Family vacation

Two words – kid’s club. Obviously a family holiday is a chance to create wonderful memories with your youngsters, but all parents need some time to themselves on a week of non-stop family fun to recharge their batteries and unwind. Similarly you need a book that won’t always require your undivided attention as you try to keep one eye on the kids when you’re chilling by the pool. The Help is a great choice as it’s interesting, unique and is told from a range of different viewpoints. The Mississippi heat seeps off the page as it tells the story of African-American maids during the 1960s, weaving unexpected tales of love and friendship in the most seemingly impersonal households.

What are you guys reading at the moment? Give us your recommendations below! Love Aimee x

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8th May 2014
Written by Very_Lauren

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Posted by: Lou 8 May 2014

I’m reading Gone Girl atm and would definitely recommend it to anyone that needs a poolside read this summer 🙂