The 4K Future

We already know technology moves at an incredible pace, but since HDTV’s made their mainstream debut almost a decade ago, we haven’t seen too much come along in the way of television. That’s all about to change with the newest creation from the techy bods around the world.

4K Ultra HD TV’s are an amazing advance, with up to 4 times the resolution of traditional 1080p TV’s, giving an unbelievable image on top of all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a Smart TV. And if you’re not sure which set to go for, as always we have you covered here at Very!

If you’re looking to get in early with this new advance, then Samsung have an entry level model, the UExxHU6900 Smart 4K Ultra HD Freeview HD LED TV, available in both 40 inch and 55 inch variants Here. This LED TV has 4 HDMI Ports, so you should be able to connect all the gadgets you can think of including your PS4. This set also comes with Samsung’s own Smart Touch remote too, so you’ll be able to control your new TV with gestures on the handset.

Samsung 4K UEXXHU6900 Smart TV
Samsung UEXXHU6900 Ultra HD Smart TV

If you really want to impress your friends (we know we like to show off when it comes to our new gadgets!), and want a talking point for your living room, then Toshiba might have something right up your street… The 65L9363DB 4K Ultra HD Freeview HD 65 inch 3D TV. And yes, that is a mouthful, even for us! This top of the range set comes with 4 sets of Active 3D glasses, so home cinema nights are a real possibility! Like the Samsung model, this one also comes with 4 HDMI slots, so you’ll have an excuse to pick up that Xbox One to sit underneath it now.

Toshiba 65L9363DB 4K 3D TV
Toshiba 65L9363DB Ultra HD 3D Smart TV

Now before you start to worry that your Blu-Ray collection might need starting up again with 4K Blu-Rays, just sit back and relax. Both the Samsung and the Toshiba automatically upscale your Blu-Rays to Ultra HD, so all your discs are safe and will look even better thanks to these wonders (just in case you needed any more reasons/excuses to replace the old TV)!

If you’re not quite in the market for a 4K TV just yet, BUT you are looking for a new set for the living room, then Sony have the W8 42 inch Smart, Passive 3D, Full HD LED TV. This one even comes with a Soundbar, so it’s almost a full home cinema system in one awesome little  package. As it’s not Ultra HD, the picture doesn’t quite have the same impact as the other models mentioned, but it will definitely still turn some heads!

Sony W8 42 inch Smart Passive 3D, Full HD, LED TV
Sony W8 42 inch Smart Passive 3D, Full HD, LED TV

No matter which of these TV’s you pick though, you should be perfectly catered for whether you’re a lone wolf or have a bustling family to take care of. Many Smart TV’s have the ability for individual profiles for anyone in the household, with everything to personalise, from favourite shows to favourite actors! And with Netflix available as an app, even if nothing is on, you’ll still be able to find something to keep you or the kids entertained.

All in all, the 4K Revolution is steamrolling it’s way in, what better time to make the jump??

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25th May 2014
Written by Very_Marc