What’s your perfect football-free space?

In case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t heard, we have a summer of football coming our way but, let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone. Some of the guys at Very HQ are ridiculously excited, while some of us would rather do a number of things (yep, even clean the bathroom) to avoid being stuck in front of a match.

But if you’re trying to spend your summer football-free, you want to do it right. I mean, we don’t really want to clean the bathroom to avoid a game, do we?

Getting your 90-odd minutes (more if there’s extra time or penalties) of bliss is important so you need to make sure you’re spending it in exactly the right place. So I asked around the office and got some suggestions for the perfect football-free space!

Football-free space quotes

Gemma: “For me it would be in my cozy room propped up with my millions of comfy cushions, and in 90 minutes I could easily squeeze in two episodes of Mad Men and slip away into a world of beehives, swinging shift dresses and enviable cat-eye flicks!”

Aimee: “If she’ll have me, I’m going to join Gemma in her fabulous world of Mad Men… I promise to bring snacks!”

Roanna: “I would head to a cool coffee shop, catch up with my favourite barista and spend an hour or two working on some projects. I’m afraid relaxing is out of the question when I know I’m being shoved aside for football!”

Laura: “I actually quite like football although a tournament like this bores me to death. So to avoid it I’d either be working on a blog in my new home office, or sitting in my brand new comfy armchair, in my library with Wuthering Heights and a crisp iced drink!”

And as for me? Weather permitting I’ll be sunning myself in my newly painted yard on a lovely reclining garden chair with a good book in hand and enjoying the fact that I haven’t managed to kill my plants yet!

So whatever your perfect football-free space is, make sure you think about it and get it spot on in time for summer!

Love Sarah x

PS. I blog about my favourite books over at Sarah’s Adventures in Literature Land if you fancy it!

23rd May 2014
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Angel 26 March 2015

I loved Sainte-Chapelle. I happened to arirve when a free English tour was starting, and we had the kookiest tour guide. She very dramatically described everything from the flying buttress system to the places in the glass where the egomaniacal king wrote himself into Biblical stories, often as the Christ-like figure!I really enjoy your site, for the design, for the videos, but also for the idea of a yearlong honeymoon. Glad you had fun!