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Whether it’s the era, the writing or just a genuinely marvellous book, literature can easily have an impact on our style. Admittedly certain books stand out more than others and as much as I would love to don robes and a witches hat everyday of my life, Harry Potter chic just doesn’t cut it in the fashion circles. Here are some of my more acceptable fashionable reads to take trend tips from.

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby Inspiration

One of my all time favourites, The Great Gatsby has serious glamour shimmering across every page. Not too long ago Leo brought his own portrayal of Gatsby to the big screen and the book is just as lavish. Written and set during the height of the famous roaring 20s, the novel focuses on Mr Gatsby, an illusive figure who holds fabulously wild parties and a hidden past. Adding a dose of this novel to your wardrobe doesn’t have to mean flapper dresses and headbands (though by all means, if this is what you’re feeling then go wild!), we can look to Daisy for plenty of style tips. Gatsby’s dream girl has a closet full of floaty white dresses and gold accessories, adding instant decadence to one of the season’s key looks. Team with a fluttering lashes and an air of privilege to really channel Daisy Buchanan.


Great Expectations
South Short Sleeve Lace Insert Skater Dress

Charles Dickens’ novel may focus on the life of Pip, an orphan trying to find his feet in the big city of London, but for me it’s all about Ms Havisham. She may be a social recluse who can’t get over being left at the alter, but she certainly does it in style. I’m not suggesting anybody should take to the streets in a wedding dress, seeking revenge and scuppering young love, but adding lace to your look will create a wonderfully ladylike air. The novel also thoroughly details Ms Havisham’s dressing room, a haven of antique broaches and sparkling hair pieces to add a timeless touch to your style.


Wuthering Heights
South Tape Cocoon Cardigan

This Gothic novel is the story of tempestuous love that descends into resentment and revenge, making it one of my all time favourite reads. The love affair between Catherine and Heathcliff is all consuming, creating plenty of drama on the ghosty moors. This drama can easily influence your wardrobe, without making you look like an 18th century throwback. Use layers to create movement, with a flowing maxi skirt and an oversized cardigan. Opt for greys and deep purples, along with ankle boots and a slick of purple lipstick to complete the brooding appeal.

    ……………………..       Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

South Belted Skater Dress
For anyone who has fallen down their own personal rabbit hole and hasn’t heard of this book, it tells the tale of a young girl called Alice who wanders away from her family and finds a mysterious new land. This novel is pure fantasy, so it’s time to embrace the bright colours and oversized accessories. A full-skirt in a block red hue can be teamed with a cream lace crop for a patterned contrast, while a bow tied around your hair adds plenty of girlish charm. For anyone wanting to go all-out-Alice opt for a blue dress and cream Mary-Janes… then all you need to do is find that pesky cheshire cat!


South Sleeveless Shirt Dress

This might seem like a bit of a curveball, but go with me on this one! Matilda was the original bookworm and as a child her love of escaping into a good book really resonated. This classic children’s book centres around the astoundingly clever Matilda and holds a special place in the hearts of many literature lovers. It’s also great for fashion inspiration – even Trunchbull has some classic tailoring going on! Matilda is all about preppy style though, so team your brogues with a smart shirt dress and a battered leather satchel. You can also take tips from Miss Honey and do a pastel perfect look with a pencil skirt and floral blouse – not forgetting a round pair of specs to finish off the teacher trend.



Love Aimee x

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26th June 2014
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