It’s all festi, festi, festi at the moment – whether you’re actually pitching up or are strictly an arm-chair viewer, you won’t be able to escape the coverage – we’ve blogged lots of festival tips for the ladies amongst us, but what about the menfolk? If you’re a glasto-bound gent or looking forward to a mosh at download, you’ll still need to consider what you’re putting in your knapsack (apart from baby-wipes and cereal bars).  Where better to start your festival style list than a look at some of the best dressed gents in musical history – we’ve picked the pieces you’ll need and found some rock gods to inspire you, just don’t forget your wellies (not a rock star staple alas, but British Weather doesn’t care about details!)


The Hat – not only good for shading your head from the blazing sunshine or pouring rain, a good hat can give your look a bit of extra class. Jim Morrison’s hat has to be the ultimate in I-don’t-care cool, especially when worn with such fullsome hairy-ness.  Our selection of head furniture isn’t quite so Rock God, but they’ll definitely give you some extra points when you’re out in the field – we recommend getting crafty and adding a bit of customisation to give your chosen hat some festi vibes.


The Ray-Bans – sunnies are obligatory of course, but when it comes to sheer on-stage presence they don’t come much better than Ray Ban.  As Lou Reed demonstrates here, you don’t have to look like the wild man of borneo to pull off the worlds coolest eye-wear.  Whether it’s the Aviator or classic Wayfarers, you’ll be one step closer to living the dream.


The Jeans – these may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not just any old pair of jeans that will give you festi style-god status! You’ve got to think about the cut, the wash, and what you wear them with.  Iggy Pop definitely knows how to rock a tight fitting pair of jeans – and while this particular look might not be on everyone’s bucket list, these slim-fits are a very good place to start.


The Vest – from a practical perspective you’re probably going to need to layer up, especially if you’re staying in Blighty for your festival experience, so the vest comes in very handy for putting under a shirt if it gets a bit chilly. But for the festival man who likes to go for the full-on I’m IN the band look, take your cue from Mr Rose and do your vest top loud and proud.  Add hardware, be creative with accessories, this is the one place you can push your style boat right out!

sergioteeThe Tee – as with most festival essentials, the main thing is the cut and the styling.  Leave your baggy old sports tee at home, and go for something a little brighter or a little tighter.  Sergio knows that baring some arm looks a little bit cooler than a full wide sleeve so either roll your tee up a bit or opt for a style that’s already got the work done for you.  This River Island number with rolled cuffs is just about perfect for the job.


The Power Shirt – festival styling is all about bringing something extra to the party, think big loud patterns, extremes of colour and a little bit of kitsch (you’ll be easier to spot in a crowd that way).  Just like Bob Dylan’s spotted version, the unexpected is what’s expected so don’t be shy.  We’ve got plenty of options from the moderately mad to eye-poppingly amazing.




Finally, no festival style tribute would be complete without an appearance from the Supreme God of all things festival, Jimi Hendrix – whether it’s fringing, psychedelic prints or rad accessories, he should always be at the back of your mind when you’re festi bound.  You may not think you can pull off an extreme festival look, but it doesn’t hurt to try – I don’t think Jimi H spent a lot of time agonising over his outfit choice for Woodstock (above) so learn from the master and let your free spirit make all the style decisions for you.

Happy camping, and stay safe!

19th June 2014
Written by Very_Lisa