Introducing Very’s Citrus Twist Trend

Yellow’s not always the easiest colour to work in your home. It can be a bit bright for more relaxed spaces like the lounge or bedroom and if you go too light with it, it can look washed out (or even look like off-white… Yuck!). But Very’s new Citrus Twist home trend gets it spot on by focusing on the kitchen and using vivid pops of bright sunshine yellow mixed with rich creams and crisp whites that’ll make you feel summery and happy.

The kitchen’s the perfect room to take such bold splashes of citrus, and because the trend is focused on cookware and small appliances, you can go full-on sunshine, or just the odd slice of lemon – it’s totally up to you.

You can shop the whole look on our trend hub, but I’m going to take the chance now to pick out some of my favourite pieces.

Citrus Twist 1Like almost everyone at Very HQ, I’m a total caffeine addict, so I need to get coffee in here somewhere. I love nothing more on a lazy Sunday morning than to make a steaming pot of coffee and take a cup back up to bed with me so this cafetiere is ideal. It’ll look great on a shelf or out on the counter top, and it serves a great wakey-up purpose. What more could you want?!

And you’re going to need some hot water to pour on that cafetiere, so a kettle is a must. The Citrus Twist range has a gorgeous retro feel, so this stove-top kettle works really well. It’s got a vintage look (it even whistles!) and it’s got that stunning citrus zing. Even if you prefer an electric kettle, this will still look fab on your stove.

Citrus Twist 2The thing I really love about the Citrus Twist trend is, because it’s based around cookware, the pieces are practical as well as pretty. A set of yellow pans might seem a bit of an odd way to get on-trend, but hey, they’re the right colour and you can make your dinner in them!  Don’t know about you, but I can’t say that about my new handbag (although if I can have the handbag and the pans, I will)!

As I mentioned, creams and whites are the way to set off all the yellow. Accessorise with white mugs and dinnerware, or, if you’re into baking, a good old fashioned mixing bowl like a classic Mason Cash. They add to the retro look and they stop all the vibrant colour becoming too overpowering.

This is a trend to enjoy, so decide on your level of yellow and then energise your kitchen with style as sharp as freshly sliced lemons!

Love Sarah x

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23rd June 2014
Written by Very_Lauren