Things To Do In 90 Minutes: Have A Paint Party

If you’re not bothered about watching the footie this summer, you could end up with a lot of 90 minute pockets (longer when you count half time, pundits and everything else) with not much to do but (if you’re so inclined) you can use that time super productively.

Believe it or not, it’s completely possible to paint a whole room in that time – you just need some good friends! So grab 5 friends, some paint, ladders, and some rollers and you’re all set for an epic football-dodging paint party!


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Warm up: While the pundits are nattering pre-match, move your furniture, put down some sheets to protect your floor and make sure the room is ready to go.

First half:  There’s 6 of you on the team so allocate ceiling, woodwork and each of the 4 walls and everyone get painting! With rollers this is a doddle, although make sure whoever’s painting your woodwork has a paintbrush.

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Half time: It’s time for a tea break – and don’t scrimp on the snacks!

Second half: Get back to work. Depending on the size of your room and how quickly your paint dries, it may be time for a second coat or you may just be finishing off that first coat. Remember, if the first coat hasn’t had enough time to dry, you can always do this all again during another match!

Post-match analysis: It’s time for more tea and snacks. And perhaps a browse of Very’s homeware selection to see how to accessorise your newly decorated room!

Love Sarah x

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12th June 2014
Written by Very_Lauren