Travelling Beauty

Packing your cosmetic collection into a compact case is never easy, but following a few of our trusty travel tips you can haul those beauty essentials across international destinations.

Hand Luggage Only

Know your limits – No, we’re not talking about tolerance levels when it comes to budget airline’s seriously strict restrictions (although that probably still applies!), what we mean here is how to be security savvy so you can carry on your bare (faced) necessities. Most airlines have a 100ml liquid limit in place which many of us aren’t on board with, but let us take that heavy weight off your shoulders with our mini beauty bundles that will see your check-in go plane sailing. So whether it’s a weekend trip to chic Paris, uber-cool Berlin or the dazzlin’ delights of the Dam, you’ll look 24/7 glam!


Travel Essentials Bundle

Dry shampoo is your go-to for instantly refreshing roots and giving them a bouncy boost. Vaseline quickly hydrates and adds a subtle sheen to smackers for barely-there beauty. Cheat on the cleanser and toner and fast track to face wipes – no liquid limits and you’ll be out the door in record-breaking time! Scrimp on the serum and heavy hair products and opt for stay-put spray – this one is a weather weapon and will keep the wild windswept look at bay while on the roof top of those city tour buses!


Myleene Klass Travel Must Haves

A good moisturiser and healthy glow is all you need to get up and go for a fast-paced city break as it revitalises and refreshes sapped skin for effortless beauty!

Long-haul Flights

No, no, there’s no limit! – well, to an extent anyway, as long as your check-in case doesn’t tip the scales! Pack your cosmetics into your hold luggage so you’re not as restricted, though stick to one item per product to keep that weight down. Give your holiday beauty a tropical touch-up for a look that’s as hot as that heat wave you’re looking forward to. Here’s what to take…

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 13.02.22

Fake tan before you go to give yourself a golden glow

Picture the scene: you arrive poolside and everyone is already a bronzed babe. Get a cheeky head start pre-flight and fake it until you really can bake it. You don’t even need to pack this one. And for the pale pretties out there, why not pack a travel tanning kit and build up the colour over a few days for gradual golden skin that looks as if it was achieved au naturel – and don’t forget to slather on the sun screen!

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 13.05.53

Pick a bright eye shadow as your sultry staple for summer nights

Enhancing your eyes with a flash of colour is an easy way to take your look from day – night when you can’t take your full make-up bag. Make waves this summer with eye shadows in splashes of deep turquoises and aqua marines that look just as stunning as the seashore.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 13.13.32


Say aloha to neon nails

Tropical beauty is ultra tantalising, so opt for bright neon nails to shake things up a bit – perfect for cocktail o’clock in the evenings! Very have a wide selection ready at your fingertips, so why not try zesty orange or gorgeous grapefruit that will make your sun-kissed skin pop.


Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 13.17.10


Punchy pouts

Pop a lipstick or lip gloss into your case for instant evening glam that looks so lip-licking good. Choose fruit punch colours like mouth-watering peach or Copacabana coral.

Carry your beauty essentials in these cute cases:

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 13.19.43

Pick this stylish zedbra hand luggage for flying visits. It meets those mean measurement requirements for most budget airlines…

South-tropical-case-2Or if you’re jetting off to exotic paradise, choose this tropical themed trio.

So now you’re all check-in clued up – check you out! Love Very_Gemma xxx

Graphics designed by Sara Yates (@Sara_Very)

28th June 2014
Written by Very_Gemma